Akshay Tritiya 2022 , The Holy Day Of Hindus


Akshay Tritiya 2022 , The Holy Day Of Hindus

 The festival, known as Tritiya (third) Tithi in lunar calendar in Hinduism and Jainism is celebrated on the third day of the Vaishakh month by people of northern and eastern Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. In Hinduism, it is believed that on this day Goddess Lakshmi comes to stay at the house of devotees. During Akti, temples and houses are decorated with colourful rangolis for the puja.

Akshaya Tritiya , also referred to as Akha Teej, is a spring festival that honors Lord Vishnu. It also marks the beginning of the planting season in India. A popular belief is that farmers who observe this day as an auspicious day will enjoy bountiful harvests. Akshaya Tritiya marks the third day of the waxing moon cycle of Vaisakh, falling on the third lunar day and marks the end of winter…

Symbolism Of Akshay Tritiya :

Akshaya is a Sanskrit word meaning “never decreasing”, and the symbol is used for its interpretation in two words: “Prosperity” and “Hope”. The Akshaya sign is composed of two triangles representing the day and the night. The upper triangle represents the day, and it has an upper stem with growth, success and happiness written on it. The lower triangle represents the night, and it has a lower stem embedded with “Prosperity”, “Hope” and “Joy” words. Over all on top of each stem a star has been placed to show that all good things come from above.

Akshaya Tritiya, a Hindi term which literally translates to “immortality of the third day,” is considered to be an auspicious day by many Hindus and Jains in India for new ventures, marriages, expensive investments such as gold or other property, and any new beginnings. The festival is regionally significant for women, married or unmarried, who pray for the well being of the men in their lives or the one they may in future get engaged to.

Akshaya Tritiya Hindu traditions with History and Meaning

The festival of Akshay Tritiya is observed on the third day of the Vaishakh month with a strong belief that departed souls visit their loved ones on this day and it is auspicious to offer them tributes. It is true that the Hindu people are more religious and festive than other people in the world, but as Hindus believe that a person can be liberated from the cycle of life and death by doing helpful acts for others and taking care of the poor, Hindus celebrate Akshay Tritiya to make others happy.

During their exile in the forest, the Pandava princes were famished due to the lack of food, and their wife Draupadi was pained by this because she could not extend the customary hospitality to their guests. Yudhishthira, who was the eldest, prayed to Lord Surya, who gave him this bowl, which would remain full till Draupadi served all of their guests. During Sage Durvasa’s visit, Lord Krishna made this bowl invincible for Draupadi so that the magical bowl called Akshaya Patra would always remain full with food of their choice.

One of the most welcome observances of this festival is in honor of Parasurama, who is believed to have appeared on earth on this day. He was Vishnu’s sixth avatar (incarnation). Devotees offer prayers to him by reciting hymns from the Rig Veda and other holy texts as well as lighting lamps at temples. 

As per Hindu Astrology three lunar days, Yugadi, Akshaya Tritiya and Vijay Dashami don’t need any Muhurta to start or perform any auspicious work as these three days are free from all malefic effects. 

It is an auspicious day for Hindus to purchase gold and silver ,gems and jewelry.

.Akshaya Tritiya, a day considered auspicious by Hindus. It is believed that gold that is purchased on this day brings blessings to the home, and will never go to waste. It is also considered the ideal time to purchase gold or silver jewelry!

Buying gemstones and crystal on Akshaya Tritiya is considered auspicious and beneficial. The act of acquiring gemstones, especially on Akshaya Tritiya is associated with the efforts to expand one’s horoscope / ushaapam and hence improve their general health, wealth, career and other aspects of life.

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Akshaya Tritiya is considered very auspicious, so apart from buying jewellery, it is also said that getting married and engaged on this day is also auspicious. One can also invest in real estate, vehicles.

Akshaya Tritiya 2022: The Coincidence Of Planets

Akshaya Tritiya is the most auspicious day for wealth. As per astrology, Taitil Karan and Moon of Taurus will be in Rohini Nakshatra on this day, which occurs only after 50 years. It will be a wonderful coincidence that this yoga also coincides with Akshaya Tritiya. On this occasion, Mars Rohini Yoga will also be formed and all these coincidences are considered helpful in increasing the importance of this day.

Akshaya Tritiya  2022 and Astrology: Zodiac Significance of This Festival


This Akshaya Tritiya  has tons of opportunities for you to live up to your financial potential. Whether that’s buying a new home, travelling more or putting money towards your investments


Your relationship life for this month will be quite good, so you may enjoy dinner dates, nights out on the town and other activities. Also, making travel plans may be on your agenda.


Akshaya Tritiya is a good day to make important decisions. You will be able to handle your situations clearly. Your friends will help you in accomplishing your goals. They will provide their cooperation with you. So take advantage of this positive mood 


 This day a sudden change in you will happen. But the change on this very day is to your advantage. You will have a good time with your family members and regards from friends and relatives. Things will happen as per your expectation, so no complaints on this day. You will also get favors from authorities of all kind like police, army, back officials etc.


Your day will be full of sunshine and joy. Good news is waiting for you at home. You will get the opportunity to improve your reputation today.


You may be mentally active because of a lot of work-life changes. You will have busy days and also a number of physically challenging events. A financial crisis is always possible, so be careful.


 Changes may be happening in your workplace. You need to handle them with care and calmness. Be slow in taking any important decision related to job or money. A gift can come from a person who might be different from usual. Be on a guard against wrong action throughout the day as it will bring dissatisfaction and conflicts.


Your thoughts should be happy throughout the day. That’s not to say that you won’t experience difficulty, but good things are waiting for you at the end of each struggle. Just remember to keep your focus on the positive aspects of any situation.


Your day will be good and satisfying. There may be some minor food-related problems. Overall, you will find your day to be good with minor problems in this area. In your personal life, you will feel happy and at peace.


You will be motivated to work hard and make some money. This will also come with a love proposal. Your lady may get jealous of the attention you give your work, but she will have to respect your decisions.


The day will be peaceful, and you will not feel exhausted in the evening. Things will go well because love is in the air today. Your home might need some renovating.


This is a very auspicious time for you as there will be financial gains. You will be imaginative and intelligent, and have cordial relations with everyone.

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