Amethyst Crystal – Stone of Opportunity


Amethyst Crystal – Stone of Opportunity

You must have seen many people wearing different kinds of stones on their bodies in different forms, especially in India. Ever wondered why? People in and outside India have been firm believers of astrology since ancient times. The reason is its accurate predictions, prophecies, and remediations.

I know you have many doubts about whether to believe in astrology or not. But there is proven record all over the internet on how this beautiful purple color amethyst is beneficial for your chakra and why it is said to be a lucky stone to Women in Rome.

In ancient times Women of Rome believe amethyst to be a stone of loyalty. This stone keeps their husband loyal to them. Do you think is it really true? Let’s dive into the history and know why amethyst is said to be the “Birthstone for February”.

The History behind the Amethyst Stones:

Have you had any idea where this amethyst stone came from? What was the history behind these amethyst stones? So I will help you to know about the history of the famous “purple gems stone’’. The amethyst stone came from the Greeks; many Greeks believed it was a healing stone that helped them to remain intoxicated. According to Greek mythology, it was a crystal having a purple colour representing a god of wine and revelry.

Amethyst is like a gem that would bring happiness and peace to human life. Amethyst crystals help to protect one’s from humiliation, stress, anxiety, false hope, and letting go. It seems as if it is a guard for a human being, which helps to take control over their anger; it helps to make a person cooler, calmer and braver. In ancient times, it was reflected as a symbol of “royalty and “cardinal gem’’ used to beautify English Regalia. The biggest amethyst crystals discovered are located in Austria, a country with large mines over their mountain regions.

Ever Wondered Why So Many People Believe In The Power Of Amethyst Stones:

After getting knowledge and information about the history behind the amethyst stones, I ask you one question have you ever wondered why so many people believe in the power of amethyst stones? What is the reason to believe in the power of amethyst stone? Come and let me know about the reasons for believing in the amethyst stone’s power.

  • The first reason, it helps people to maintain their beauty and glow in their faces.
  • The second reason is that it helps to get quick relief from stomach pain and horror dreams.
  • The third reason is that it helps people relieve stress; it helps make mindless stress and relax.
  • The fourth reason is amethyst stones provide inner strength to people.
  • The fifth reason. It is considered a spiritual stone with no side effects; it defines as a stone of peace.
  • The sixth reason is that it promotes internal balance and harmony and helps bring stability to the person’s mind.

We all know amethyst is a birthstone. It is widely popular for Lucky stone for February Born. But do you know there are zodiac signs who can equally get benefited from amtheyst?


What More Do Amethyst Stones Have To Offer?

It is time to explore and get more information and knowledge about what amethyst stone offers. After getting the knowledge about why people believe in the power of amethyst stones?. What are some practical benefits of amethyst stone? Are you excited to know about the offers that anyone can get from the amethyst stones?

Amethyst Offers Serenity:

The question arises of how it offers serenity; it carries a calming and serene power that helps unwind and make the body and mind relax. It appeases the human body and tries to reduce nervousness and restlessness.
It seems best suitable for cases when anyone feels nervous and wound up. It gives instant relief and makes your body more relaxed and less stressed. You can also get results by holding it in your hand.

Amethyst Stimulates Hormone Balance:

Let’s know about how amethyst stimulates hormone balance. First, fall brings balance to the endocrine system, as we all know that most people suffer from hormonal issues, especially women faced with this problem a lot.
According to Health coach FX, hormonal issues are one major problem that most people face; it involves various issues like margarine, painful breast, weight gain, disturbance in the menstrual cycle, menopause, and feeling burned out.
People use amethyst stones to heighten their endocrine system, which involves the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal gland, pineal body and pancreas. While meditating with amethyst, crystals help support the endocrine system more and bring your hormones or any one hormones to a balanced level.

Amethyst Detoxifies Your Body:

As you know, amethyst stone has a cleanliness ability that will give the most effective benefit to your body because it helps detoxify your body, making your body clean and fresh.
It promotes cleanliness from both inside and outside of the body. This will include cleanness of blood vessels, opening the chakras, and removing toxicity from the body.
One effective method to detoxify your body is by placing the amethyst in your room, which makes your surroundings and you clean and toxicities free.

Amethyst Offers to Solve Headache Issues:

Now I want to tell you that amethyst solves all body-related issues. It soothes your body energy give calmness to your body. Especially the person who suffers from headache issues.
The two major issues that can be solved with the help of amethyst stones is first one is stress and the second one is fatigue. To relieve the headache issue, place the amethyst crystal under your pillow; after that, close your eyes and feel that the amethyst stones are healing your headache.


Why Your Crown Chakra Is benefitted  by Amethyst?

Amethyst is known for stability and balancing peace in your life The healing properties of amethyst itsleaf help you to clear your emotional blockage and tap your third eye chakra to get the sense of life. The crown chakra is connected with divine energy. As it is connected with all the lower chakra experts advise balancing this chakra is most important. Amethyst helps us to regain consciousness to make a clear decision and gain wisdom for all duties.

How to identify your Crown Chakra is Blocked?

Whenever you feel depressed, socially isolated, or emotionally challenged, there may be blockages in the crown chakra that are keeping you from attaining peace and accessing your higher consciousness. Amethyst helps to work through these blockages, so go ahead and work with the gem if it brings you serenity and positivity.

Amethyst Offers the Ability to You to Make an Effective Decision:

I want to share one of the effective benefits which an amethyst stone can provide to you. It offers you the ability to make an effective decision. It helps to make a decision based on your intuition and common sense.

You know one thing emotions always offer the mind to make a worse decision. A decision filled with emotional feelings never becomes effective. The amethyst helps to feel your emotions and helps to make an effective decision.
I want to tell you how you can make an effective decision, hold the amethyst stone in your hand, think about that specific decision you try to make, and think about what the decision can give you results.

Let’s Explore the Various Kinds of Products Made With Amethyst Stones:

Now we get some knowledge and information about the amethyst stones. Now let’s turn to the next concept, which is various kinds of products made with amethyst stone help.
Everyone likes to wear jewellery, whether it’s men or women, right? Have you like to wear jewellery or not. Let’s talk about amethyst stones jewellery; I want to tell you that the look of amethyst jewellery is sophisticated and simple.
You will receive amazing compliments after wearing the beautiful “the amethyst stone Jewellery” let’s discuss the attractive and elegant amethyst stones products. It is lovely as a faceted stone, cabochon, tumbled stone, and many other amethyst stones for jewellery.

Bracelets Made With Beautiful Amethyst Stones:

Amethyst Bracelet_LineologyGlobalBracelets give a decent look to ladies’ hands whether they will wear by young girls or women. The bracelets made up with the help of amethyst stones looks simple, stylish, and attractive.
Can you know that every amethyst bracelet is 100% pure? Those who love to wear the bracelet should buy an amethyst stones bracelet. The charm and beauty of the bracelet give peace and relaxation to the mind.

Pendant Made With Beautiful Amethyst Stones:

If you want to buy this beautiful Pendant , you will ensure that you are concerned with the best designer who can make your pendant sparky and attractive.
All the amethyst jewellery is never got out of fashion. The best jewellers can designed the best pendant without hurting the original beauty of the amethyst stones. All the amethyst pendant dignifies their beauty well.

Amethyst or Sapphire? Which one will suit you better?

Let’s compare and know which will suit you better, amethyst or sapphire. The difference can be made on the following basis.

  • On the hardness
  • Chemical structure
  • Brilliance
  • Colour variations
  • Rarity of gems
    According to their features, after seeing the difference between sapphire and amethyst stone, they both are best at their places. But investing in amethyst stones is a good choice because it gives more benefits than others
    After exploring the amethyst, it seems to know that amethyst stones are very precious and effective. After learning about the amethyst beauty products, which one would you live like to buy.
    Because all the amethyst stone products have their beauty, they are eye-catching and attractive. So what do you like to buy? There are some precautions you would need to know that please protect me from the sunlight, and exposure to heat causes the colour of amethyst to deteriorate.
  • Investing in amethyst jewelry, it’s a good thing. Try to avoid any physical contact with chemicals such as household cleaners or hairspray. To clean, any kind of jewelry use a soft toothbrush or cloth and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water to gently scrub the stone. It may also clean with an at-home ultrasonic unit.



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