Aquarius Horoscope 2023: The Self-Reliant and Intelligent Water Bearers

Aquarius Horoscope 2023: The Self-Reliant and Intelligent Water Bearers_Lineology

Aquarius Horoscope 2023: The Self-Reliant and Intelligent Water Bearers

Intense retrogrades and a somewhat soggy Capricorn season has just come to an end. You’ll be relieved to learn that things will likely feel a little lighter in the coming weeks because the February zodiac, the season of Aquarius is here.

The new zodiac season brings in significant changes to every aspect of your life, from your work and love relationships to everything else in between. You’ll experience a sense of renewal throughout this year’s Aquarius season by limiting the bad, concentrating on the positive, and surrounding yourself with important people.

What does your February horoscope, have in store for you, then? Let’s deep in further.

Aquarius – Your February Horoscope

The season of Aquarius is here! Your Aquarius month horoscope for February 2023 shows new aspirations emerging, sincere self-love, and you leading a fulfilling life.

We may have sensed Saturn’s weight throughout the past two years while the Sun was in the Aquarius sign. Saturn is a rule-follower and wants to make sure we are abiding by both societal and our own soul contract norms.

This is something we may have felt intensified during the Sun’s visit to Aquarius, since Saturn delivers hurdles to get us there but also plenty of benefits. In Aquarius Season 2023, things start to change as Saturn, which is in the closing degrees of this air sign, starts to wrap up any lessons and send rewards in their place.

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The Aquarius Energy

The water bearer, a symbol for community and healing, rules Aquarius. The water bearer is gifted with the ability to gather water (which stands in for our collective psyche and emotions) in its vessel, purify it with the power of the breath, and then release it back to the soil.

This season, your Aquarius zodiac sign is all about connecting with others, your energy will be more focused on self; it’s about the individuals who genuinely accept you for who you are. You’ll experience a strong need to spend time with loved ones and friends with whom you feel comfortable being yourself.

In terms of your employment, you’ll discover that you have a desire to learn more about what goes on in the background of the workplace so that you can become more informed and, as a result, have more influence over your career.

Your astrology combability in romantic front, seems like things are getting serious for you. You’ll want to explore your romantic relationships further. Be prepared for deep serious talks coming in your way with your special one.

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Aquarius Horoscope Combability :

The water bearer, Aquarius is known for its intelligence, creativity, and originality, yet they may also occasionally be cynical, rebellious, violent, and distant. Aquarius is self-reliant. When it comes to relationships Aquarius are known to be honest and loyal to an extreme. They do have a talent for thinking “big picture” and for the larger good, with a keen capacity to see and understand various perspectives at once.

In order for Aquarius to continually feel secure to feel valued and important, the zodiac compatibility signs will need to maintain their independence and freedom while also maintaining communication, quality time, connectivity, and progress.

The best zodiac sign combability with Aquarius are its fellow air signs (Gemini, and Libra). These air signs have a propensity to get along well with one another since the three pillars of their personalities are love, freedom, and independence.

Aquarius Love Combability with Other Signs:

Aquarius Love Combability with Other Signs
Aquarius Love Combability with Other Signs

While some zodiac signs are completely incompatible with Aquarius, others are the ideal match. Let’s look at the zodiac signs that have a particularly strong connection to Aquarius:

  • Gemini – Aquarius = These two are possibly the perfect fit since they both have easy-going personalities and a sense of security. They have a wide range of interests in common and are therefore never bored.

Love Combability = 80%

  • Aries – Aquarius = Aries and Aquarius combability, are very high. They both respect their independence and have similar senses of humour making each other very appealing.

Love Combability = 90%

  • Libra – Aquarius = Libra combability with Aquarius is the most well – known. They are effortless and comes in naturally.

Love Combability = 80%

  • Sagittarius – Aquarius = They both respect and value their independence. They connect instantly and makes one of the best partnerships.

Love Combability = 85%

Aquarius Birthstones :

Aquarius birthstone Amethyst and Garnet
Aquarius birthstone Amethyst and Garnet

Aquarius, a complex sign, rules the month of February. However, Aquarius crosses between two months, just like all other zodiac signs, hence there are two birthstones for Aquarius: Garnet and Amethyst.

Amethyst – Amethyst stone is considered to be the primary birthstone or power stone for Aquarius. Helps stabilise emotions and reduce anxiety.

Garnet – The January birthstone for Aquarius, Garnet is well-known for its ability to activate chi, or life force. A very powerful stone for energy regeneration and restores self-worth and confidence.

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Conclusion :

The Aquarius season is a good time to make changes, assert your independence, and follow through your New Year’s resolutions. Even though there may be some contentious issues during the Aquarius season, overall, things look to be expansive, new, and forward-moving. What will you do to take advantage of the sun’s position in the water bearer sign, where there are countless opportunities?

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