Ashwin Amavasya 2022 and its effect on Various Zodiac Sign

Ashwin Amavasya_2022

Ashwin Amavasya 2022 and its effect on Various Zodiac Sign

Ashwin Amavasya 2022 and its effect on Various Zodiac Sign

The Sanskrit term for the new moon’s lunar phase is Amavasya. There are 30 lunar phases in the Hindu lunar calendar, known as tithi. Amavasya is regarded as a moment of enormous power in Hindu culture and religion. What is Ashwin Amavasya? The first day of Krishna Paksha in the Bhadrapada month marks the beginning of Pitru Paksha, which lasts for fifteen days till the new moon.

Meaning of Ashwin Amavasya – This new moon during Bhadrapada is known as Ashwin Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya, which denotes the start of the Durga Puja celebration. It is regarded as one of the most important days of the entire fifteen-day Pitru Paksha calendar. People honor their ancestors or forefathers on this day and give them gratitude for everything they have done for their descendants.

Why is Amavasya auspicious?

Most cultures view Amavasya as an unlucky day because it is the night that is the darkest. We may experience negative effects on our bodily and mental health as a result of the energies present at this time. During this time of the month, we worship, perform pujas, and remember our ancestors. While some traditional labourers choose to take the day off from work, it is also advised against starting any auspicious job or travelling on Amavasya. For prosperity, happiness, and ancestor blessings, many devotees practise the Amavasya Vrat (fast) during this day.

Why Amavasya is dangerous? The night of Amavasya is also considered dangerous because it is said that evil forces are at their peak then. During this time, some even engage in “tantrik” and black magic practises for a stronger impact.

Amavasya Spiritual Significance:

The Ashwin Amavasya rites are extremely important because they help the participants experience divine blessings, luck, and enormous prosperity. On this day, it is believed, Lord Yama bestows his divine blessings on the observers and protects the family members from all kinds of ills and difficulties. Therefore, in order to appease them and obtain their blessings, it is crucial to provide them with prayers in addition to food and water.

The importance of Amavasya Vrat:

On the day of Amavasya, devotees are thought to reap numerous blessings by fasting. A person’s previous sins can be forgiven and they can feel at peace if they fast on Amavasya. One can receive success, prosperity, health, wealth, and love by keeping the Amavasya Vrat.

In addition to the fast, doing the Amavasya Pooja can drive away all evil forces and infuse your home with good energy. Amavasya is a day to honour our ancestors and ask for their blessings.

Amavasya effects on Zodiac Signs:

Every person’s life is impacted by Amavasya, or the New Moon, during this time. Numerous cosmic rays reach the earth since the Sun vanished from the sky, showering people with light.

According to Hindu astrology, an eclipse is a bad omen and affects all 12 zodiac signs negatively; yet, one can expect some respite through rituals and pujas. A New Moon’s beams can both help and hurt people in different ways.

Let’s Check how Amavasya can affect our Zodiac Signs:


People born under this sign are particularly vulnerable to mental health problems. It could occur between families or your spouse which can even result in divorce. Travel should be avoided and wearing ruby is recommended for those born under this sign to fend against bad luck.


People born under Taurus are like to witness loss in business. People with mental health conditions have a higher risk of acting aggressively. One must wear a green or blue sapphire stone to counteract the negative effects of both the solar eclipse on “Amavasya.”


This New Moon has advantages for both sides of your nature. You are exhibiting impulsive behaviour with others, and you are unsure of your life’s purpose. It is advised you wear a moonstone so that it gets clarity within yourself.


The Moon is the planet that rules you. It has an effect on your energy level right now, as usual. Wearing rose quartz is indicated for promoting self-love and welcoming beneficial influences into your life.


This sign’s inhabitants are prone to being duped. Any investment, whether in real estate or a business, could be expensive. It is advisable to recite the Hanuman Chalisa and do the Shani Shanti puja. To lessen the negative effects of the eclipse, Leos can wear coral or yellow sapphire.


People with this sign will experience a range of effects, from minor health problems to mental disorders. During this time, it is suggested that you chant sacred “mantras” to win the favour of their ancestors. Wear a blue sapphire or diamond.


One may encounter both positive and negative effects. There can be security risks. For those born under this sign, performing the “Pitra” puja is essential to preventing the negative effects of the solar eclipse. Wearing blue and green sapphire gemstones can bring luck.


Overall health will be strong, although under this sign, some people may have mood swings. Due to the effects of the solar eclipse and Amavasya, married couples’ marriages may suffer. Ritual of Shani Shanti is recommended. For good luck, wear green stones.


You are likely to face small impact on health and stress due to a better planetary position in the birth chart. Ritual for Rahu Shanthi is recommended. You can wear coral and ruby stones for good luck.


Working professionals born under this sign should exercise caution because there may be unfavourable news, such as pay reductions or job losses. Offer puja to Lord Shiva, Wear a diamond or greenstone for good luck.


Farmers in particular should refrain from investing since they will lose money. Due to the eclipse’s effects on their zodiac sign, working professionals may experience difficulties at work.


Due to the solar eclipse and Amavasya, this sign may experience a mixture of favourable and unfavourable effects. To prevent negative effects, it is advised to offer prayers to ancestors both during the eclipse and throughout all of Amavasya.

The New Moon would affect each and every living thing on Earth in this way. Every alteration would be affected all around you.

Hence to avoid negative energy, one should take a bath in a river, reservoir, or kund on Ashwin Amavasya day. Arghya should then be offered to the ancestors.

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