Astrological Relationship Remedies

Astrological Relationship Remedies _Lineology

Astrological Relationship Remedies

Relationships are essential to our well-being. We engage with a variety of people throughout our life, including spouses, parents, and other family members. We feel about them based on a variety of factors. Despite their love and respect for one another, there are times when stress and misunderstandings creep into their relationship and cause arguments, fights, etc. These traumatic events frequently steal our mental peace and focus.

In addition to our behavior and our interactions with one another, the planetary placement in our horoscope is also to blame for these events. Rahu, Ketu, and Mangal, the three most detrimental planets, can cause a lot of issues if they are situated under unfavorable circumstances.

  • The best therapies are avoiding arguments, smiling frequently, and maintaining your composure. If you grin, there may be less chance of conflicts or other disputes.
  • Another remedy is to include five almonds and a small bit of Misri in the water on Sunday. Don’t waste salt or water because it affects your sun and moon signs.
  • Make a Saturday coal donation, but it should be made of wood. Thursday should also be the day when you wear a tiny gold or copper ball around your neck.
  • You should worship Shri Yantra and consume Harad after meals to overcome anger, which is the main cause of strained relationships. Regularly consume radish juice, and anytime you become irritable, inhale camphor.
  • Use the first grass to feed a cow. Give coconut water and other items like gangajal, jaggery, saunf, Bundi, or mishri to a shrine.
  • Avoid using anything made of leather and keep Sunderkand in your home on a daily basis.
  • Additionally, you ought to recite the Gajendra Moksha mantra and plant trees (preferably Banyan or Peepal). Even better, you can carry a thread in your hand that should be the color of turmeric.
  • Another mantra, “Shiv Shiv Rate, Sankat Kate,” should be sung in a Shiva temple in order to settle all of your issues and disagreements. Additionally, recite Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap to enhance interpersonal relationships.

Vedic astrology is a more insightful and practical way of future forecasting. The use of planetary periods has a big influence and offers superb accuracy and comprehension. Our Ayurvedic astrology can help one comprehend the connection between energy, nature, and oneself.

You will have the choice to highlight the exact remedial measure that will help you through the many stages of your life while using Vedic Astrology treatments. Additionally, choosing the right path would benefit you from a variety of angles and allow for easy advancement in daily life.

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