Aura Colour and their Meaning – How to Know Your Aura Colour

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Aura Colour and their Meaning – How to Know Your Aura Colour

What is an Aura?

The invisible energy field that surrounds a person’s physical body is said to be their aura. Different colours are connected to various traits and emotions, and they are influenced by our mood and emotional state. Your emotional and spiritual health are supposedly discernible from the colours of your aura.

Aura typically consists of several colours, one of which is more dominating than the others. And while the colour of your aura might fluctuate and change frequently, many people will see the same hue repeatedly.

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The meanings of each aura colours are explained here, along with information on how to determine your aura:

How to Identify your Aura?

If you don’t have the capacity for seeing auras with the naked eye, you may be curious in how to determine the hue of your aura.

The process for seeing auras is relatively simple, but witnessing them is something else entirely. It necessitates trust and endurance.

You can test your visual perception by looking quietly at a point on your body or gently rubbing your hands together and slowly separating them to see if colours appear. You will grow more adept at observing the electromagnetic environment surrounding your body as you continue to do this.

Aura Colour & Meaning :

There aren’t any hard-and-fast laws on what these visual variations “mean,” as with any psychic techniques, it depends on the reader’s understanding and intuition. However, there are undoubtedly recurring motifs.

Let’s take a deeper look,


 Relates to the heart, the circulatory system, and the physical body. In its higher sense, it is a sign of a strong will, steadiness, and a healthy ego. When red energy is at its lowest, it can give way to rage, bitterness, fear, or uneasiness.

Because each of the seven chakras is also associated with a certain colour, understanding the chakra colours helps in interpreting auras. Red, for example, is linked to the root chakra; as a result, if you see a lot of red, your root chakra is steady and clean.


Identifies the sensations and reproductive organs. It symbolizes energy, vigour, and enthusiasm. The higher element of orange energy displays gregariousness, creativity, and self-assurance. In its most fundamental form, it can succumb to stress and addiction.

The sacral chakra, which oversees sexual and creative energy, is linked to an orange aura.


Signifies qi or prana, the energy of life. Yellow is associated with hope, awakening, inspiration, and wisdom. They have a charismatic personality that draws in a wide range of admirers.

The solar plexus chakra, which deals with self-identification and confidence, is symbolised by the colour yellow.


Connects to the lungs and heart. Given that green is one of the colours associated with the heart chakra, it is pertinent to heart-related issues.

Green is the soothing and wholesome colour of nature, signifying development, harmony, and healing as well as a love for all living things and Mother Earth.


Blue is connected to the thyroid and the throat chakra and governs communications, expressions and truth. The auric field of writers, public speakers, and linguists is frequently very blue. Moreover, it has a cool, collected energy.


It represents the third eye chakra and is a colour associated with strong emotions, intuition, and sensitivity. They are a person who absorbs the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and traumas of other individuals.

The more intense the indigo aura, the more perceptive the individual.


It represents the crown chakra the neurological system, pineal gland, and crown. In the aura, it is the hue that is most delicate. Auras with a lot of violet tend to be very artistic, psychic, intuitive, visionary, and magical in nature.


Points to attracting, capturing, and changing energy. It might be a sign of unresolved sadness, anger, or health issues. It also demonstrates a lack of forgivingness (both towards themselves and towards others) and perhaps unsolved concerns from a previous life.


Associated with defence and rebuffing external forces. Angels frequently appear as white flashes within the auric field. Like other connections with the colour white, these means honesty, purity, and a healthy person.

Conclusion :

The colours of our aura are always shifting. Understanding your aura’s energy can provide you more peace of mind no matter what colour it is on any given day—blue, yellow, or red.

Regardless of the outcomes of any attempts to restore or renew your aural health, the habit of focusing on your own spiritual and emotional health may greatly contribute to improving your overall health.

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