Black Tourmaline Crystal: Meanings, Benefits, and Uses in Fengshui

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Black Tourmaline Crystal: Meanings, Benefits, and Uses in Fengshui

Black tourmaline is a kind of tourmaline, a crystalline boron silicate mineral. It is actually the most common (and least expensive) variety of tourmaline, and as it is packed with iron, it has a deep, rich hue.

Although it can also be found in Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, and other places, black tourmaline is mostly found in Brazil and China.


The history of black tourmaline dates back since the time of the medieval period. The elegantly sleek Schorl has been a favorite of many civilizations. Black Tourmaline was frequently carried as a kind of protection by numerous shamans of various ancient tribes.

Black Tourmaline is also frequently used by ancient magicians to shield them from demonic energies and spirits when they perform rituals and cast spells. Black tourmaline, on the other hand, is regarded in Chinese Feng Shui as having the ability to build an energy barrier and aid in the user’s development of empathy.

Notably, one of Black Tourmaline’s most distinctive qualities is its capacity to be electrically charged by simple rubbing. Black tourmaline is a preferred gemstone among jewelers nowadays. Black Tourmaline stone price has skyrocketed in the recent years in the crystal market due to its enormous benefits it offers.

Black Tourmaline Meaning and Properties:

Black Tourmaline Meaning:

Black Tourmaline belongs to the Tourmaline family. The crystal has a gloss that develops organically, giving it a polished appearance. It usually has silver-colored mica inclusions as well, creating a stunning contrast of light and dark that is highly appreciated. It is frequently utilized in jewelry and exquisite specimens. Protection and grounding are the meanings of black tourmaline.

Black tourmaline is a stone with a profound history that matches its rich color. Black tourmaline is frequently known to as Schorl, which is the name of the town in Saxon, Germany, where the gem was initially found.

Black Tourmaline Properties:

Electrically charged black tourmaline crystal has a number of advantages for you.

Emotional Healing – Numerous methods in which the ink-black tourmaline enhances your mental health. So that you can maintain your composure and serenity during these difficult moments, black tourmaline helps to release unwanted energies and emotions.

It keeps you permanently attached and helps you stay grounded. An incredible approach to maintain your root chakra open and clean so you may make decisions based on need rather than fear, revel in the glory of self-assurance, and feel connected to those around you.

By eradicating your nervous thoughts, shielding you from other people’s negative energies, and promoting connection, black tourmaline can dramatically improve your ability to maintain composure. You can finally wave goodbye to crippling levels of tension and worry. You open the door for luck to come your way when you accept positive energy.

Meta Physical Properties –

  • Linked with the root chakra
  • promotes self-assurance and the pursuit of truth

The base chakras—the firmly established earthly roots that give you a sense of stability in your place on the planet—have a great affinity for black tourmaline. When your root chakras are perfectly balanced and under control, you are given the power to accept who you are, speak your truth, and embark on your own journey of spiritual rehabilitation.

This black tourmaline chakra gives you a shield of defense so you aren’t left defenseless and open to psychic and energy vampire attacks. When we have some kind of security in place, we may go around the world without feeling the need to constantly “watch our back.” Boundaries are lovely. It enables us to be kind, trustworthy, and open to learning because we have faith that we will always be bound and guarded.

Physical Healing Properties –

  • History Blocks EMFs
  • Boosts metabolism

Its powerful defensive qualities are undoubtedly the Black Tourmaline stone’s most well-known advantage. This stone is so adept at protecting you from harmful energy that you can leave the house without concern. Carrying a shield around all the time, like black tourmaline, will inevitably bring positive energy to every step you take.

For people whose bodies might use an extra boost of tenacity, black tourmaline has a lot of physical advantages. Black Tourmaline can improve circulation, lessen the damaging effects of lung conditions, increase metabolism, and significantly lessen muscle aches and pains, to name just a few of its beneficial effects. You can count on Black Tourmaline to quicken the process of quick and painless recovery because it is an excellent supporter of all organ systems and the immune system.

Uses of black tourmaline in Fengshui:

There are several  Tourmaline crystal benefits  of using at home.

The first benefit is that it can protect you and your loved ones from radiation and other hazardous natural energies. Placing black tourmalines on the corners of your property will shield you from toxic substances. It is suggested to place a black tourmaline in your home to lessen the negative effects that various devices, particularly if they emit radiation or EMF, have on your body.

The interpersonal ties among occupants of a residence can also be improved by black tourmaline. By removing the unfavorable energy that penetrates the group, you can create a more open and honest relationship with one another.

Tourmaline Crystal benefits:

If you feel exposed to the outer world or have serious empath issues, a black tourmaline bracelet is best worn as jewelry on your body. Wearing Black Tourmaline creates a shield or cloak that shields the person from harmful energy and emotional attacks and is always present. Wearing Black Tourmaline jewelry is one of the greatest ways to wear this cape across your shoulders because when gemstones are in direct contact with your skin, your body is better able to absorb and transform the therapeutic vibrations.

Black tourmaline is a high-demand crystal. To learn more about our products, and for guidance regarding the product. There are several ways to wear black tourmaline, including rings and bracelets.

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