Bloodstone Gemstone: A Dark Green Gem with Brilliant Red Inclusions

Bloodstone Gemstone

Bloodstone Gemstone: A Dark Green Gem with Brilliant Red Inclusions

Bloodstone is a chalcedony variation that is dark green with a brilliant red splotch. It is a hexagonal crystal system that is also referred to as aggregate heliotrope derived from the Greek word ‘solstice’. It is rich in iron and has an opaque transparency. One of the most important characteristics of this ancient stone is its amazing supernatural qualities.

Bloodstone Meaning :

This stone is regarded as a gemstone of heroic sacrifice, just as it was then, and can give courage and peace to people who needs. People who hold or carry them exhibit their greatest and most selfless attributes. Since its conception, the stone has come to mean many good things.

Bloodstone Properties :

Colour : Dark Green, Dark Flecks

Chakra : Root, Sacral, Heart Chakra

Planet : Mars

Zodiac : Aries, Pisces, Libra

Elements : Fire, Wood

Origin : Australia, Brazil, India, Russia

Bloodstone Healing Properties :


There are many theories regarding the blood stone crystal benefits. Nobody can dispute the strength of the blood stone’s healing abilities as a guardian, healer, or talisman to cherish close throughout life.

Bloodstone is thought to protect the wearer against any bodily threats, including assault, bullying, physical harm, and so on. It offers vocal defence that works well against verbal abuse of any kind.

Here are all the protective qualities of this extraordinary crystal healing and spiritually calming stone, from a healthy dosage of courage and knowledge to clearing the chakras so you can be in full and harmonious flow:

Physical Healing Properties :


It is not surprising that the Bloodstone excels at anything involving the blood circulation. This stone is iron-rich, and can increase blood flow to the bone marrow and even the level of purification in your blood.

It is also a stone that is frequently utilised when dealing with childbirth because it gives both the mother and the new-born power, courage, and vigour. This stone is wonderful in balancing out menstruation troubles, getting your cycle back on track, and sorting through issues that develop due to hormones and PMS

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties :


Bloodstone works with your lower chakras. Its all about stability and being grounded. Root chakra is where bloodstone has the strongest connection.

Bloodstone not only improves your connection to the root chakra but also has amazing effects on the heart chakra. Our capacity for love, trust, compassion, and self-expression can all be found in the heart chakra. Bloodstone aids in clearing the mist of negative energy, declares tension and irritability to be gone, and brings a smooth energy flow that is drenched in luck.

Mental & Emotional Healing :


Bloodstone properties can significantly boost one’s ability to execute with depth, purpose, and bravery. In times of adversity, it gives you a sense of absolute security. When it comes to developing emotional resilience, this iron-rich stone is a supercharger. It will make sure you re-establish your connection to the world outside your window and can once more put trust and patience into a higher purpose.

Bloodstone works as a fascinating mood stabiliser as well as a powerful energy booster and soul-brightener.

Bloodstone Zodiac :


This birthstone is typically associated with the Aries zodiac sign also known as heliotrope this stone is all about nurturing and nourishing – perfectly defines Aries. Aries tend to be a bit impatient and prefer the direct route when it comes to their approach, but the stone keeps them rooted in the heart and more inclined to exhibit tolerance and compassion.

For those born under the signs of Libra and Pisces, this stone is a beneficial tool. It is well known that Pisces have a strong connection to higher thought and have a bright interest in spirituality. A Pisces should keep a bloodstone amulet nearby since it keeps them anchored and grounded.

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Bloodstone Combinations :

Bloodstone Combinations Amethyst,Tiger eye,Black tourmaline

The stone works best when accompanied with strong gems that helps remove negativity. It works well in conjunction with crystals that support the root chakra.

Amethyst – This stone pairs well with the bloodstone. Amethyst is a cerebral stone linked to the crown chakra, while bloodstone is a visceral stone linked to the root chakra.

They provide the ideal equilibrium for dealing with issues using your complete range of energy.

Tiger Eye – Tiger’s Eye works wonderfully well with bloodstone. This stone’s mellow energy flow will put you at ease and remove any fears or anxieties you may have. It helps you manage your anger when worn together.

Black Tourmaline – Heliotrope stone is a potent healing stone that helps the body heal physically and also purifies and cleanses the blood. Whereas, Black tourmaline maintains the balance of your stomach while heliotrope removes toxins.

Conclusion :

The purpose of the heliotrope stone is to give you courage and support you in leading a long and healthy life. We all understand that in order to reach personal greatness, balance and good healing thoughts are essential. The Bloodstone provides this clarity and feeds your entire being with assurance and peace.

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