Branches of Horoscopic Astrology

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Branches of Horoscopic Astrology

Natal Astrology:

You’re probably most familiar with natal astrology. It is based on your natal chart, which displays the positions of significant celestial bodies at the moment and location of your birth. Powell refers to natal astrology as “a profound plunge into the soul” and a superb self-awareness tool. It all comes down to a person’s identity, character traits, and potential for the future

Horary Astrology:

Horary astrology has a long history in astrology. Powell also claims that horary astrology is a tool for divination, i.e., from 10,000 to 30,000 B.C.

If you’re looking for an answer to a particular query, try horary astrology. The astrologer will provide a chart for the precise time and place (to the minute) where the query was posed. Based on what they perceive when they read your chart, the astrologer will answer your query with a yes or no. It is a highly accurate form of specialist astrology. It’s not something you can simply learn on your own, though, and only a small number of astrologers now practice it.

Most of the time, you’ll get an answer based on your inquiry, but Hale says it’s possible to have a “block” in your chart. Sometimes it’s challenging to respond to a question if the chart has blocks, and sometimes you might not even be expected to know the answer.

Electional Astrology:

Electional astrology, also referred to as “event astrology,” deals with selecting the utmost favourable moment for an event. Based on whatever is happening in the sky, the astrologer determines when the event should take place.

The major purpose of it is to eliminate arbitrary dates for events like weddings or proposals. But it may possibly be anything.

During Venus retrograde, for instance, some electional astrologers may advise against getting married. In order to choose a more favorable time to go down the aisle, they might consult the moon, which governs emotions, and other significant orbs.

Mundane Astrology:

Particularly in the present, mundane astrology is incredibly fascinating. It forecasts current international issues and occurrences. This dates back hundreds or even thousands of years because astrologers were originally more focused on studying the astrology of nations, monarchs, and queens than they were on examining individual charts.

Because mundane astrology is all about examining cycles, Powell argues, you have to be somewhat of a historian as well. You are examining historical patterns. It foretells world events.

Medical Astrology:

Aspects of the body and illnesses are connected with the planets and signs of the zodiac in this ancient discipline of astrology. Numerous planets have an impact on various organs, and each zodiac sign governs a certain body part. There are many various kinds of medical conditions that can be seen while looking at a birth record for a person. Even if the field of medical astrology is undoubtedly fascinating, it’s still necessary to consult your doctor, not the stars, when you need medical guidance.

Relationship Astrology:

As a subset of natal astrology, relationship astrology focuses on a person’s compatibility with another person. However, that is undoubtedly the most typical use of word; it need not be romantic. Synastry is an approach to relationship astrology. “You lay the birth chart of one individual on top of the birth chart of another person to compare the placement of the planets. You’ll notice the relationship’s obstacles, assets, potential for mutual support or not, and other illuminating details.

Composite charts are another type. It lies halfway between two planets. Finding the midway between two individuals, which corresponds to each of their planets and rising signs, results in the creation of each individual’s birth chart. This reveals how the outside world perceives your relationship and how you two are perceived as a pair. It also sheds some information on how things will turn out for you two as a couple.

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