Dhanteras 2022 :Date and Time, its Significance and Gemstones to purchase this Dhanteras

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Dhanteras 2022 :Date and Time, its Significance and Gemstones to purchase this Dhanteras

When is Dhanteras 2022? In Hinduism, the Dhanteras holiday is regarded as exceptionally lucky. This day is celebrated by the populace with tremendous splendour and zeal. Dhanteras marks the beginning of the holiday season, which lasts till Bhai Dhooj. When Krishna Paksha’s Trayodashi falls in the month of Kartik, Dhanteras is observed.

According to the Drik Panchang, the holy festival of Dhanteras 2022 will be observed this year on October 22.

What is Dhanteras Puja?

Why do we celebrate Dhanteras? Dhan teras, also known as “Dhanvantari Thrayodashi,” not only marks the beginning of the Diwali festival but also plays a crucial role in the festivities. The word “Dhanteras” comes from the words “dhan,” which denotes riches, and “teras,” which refers to the lucky thirteenth day, which falls at the tail end of the Ashwin month.

For Hindus, the Dhanteras holiday signifies the ideal time to purchase silver, gold, or steel utensils, which in a way symbolizes the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on people’s lives. The new purchases are made in honour of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber, who are revered for bringing good news, enormous wealth, and prosperity into people’s life. Be it domestic items like brass utensils, Ganesh and Lakshmi idols, ornamental objects, or expensive purchases like buying a car, holding a “bhoomi pujan,” opening a showroom, or buying jewellery, purchasing new possessions continues to be at the center of Dhanteras Speciality.

On this day, it is particularly lucky to get a head start on any new endeavor.

Dhanteras Celebration 2022:

Hindus observe a ceremonial fast on the day of Dhanteras, which they break with puris and sweet dishes after sunset. Goddess Lakshmi is greeted by lit diyas that are put at the door. Songs of devotion are sung. The new goods are set up in the household’s puja room. The God of death, Lord Yamraj, is invoked at night, and a “Yama-Diya” is lit in his honour. Prayers are said to ward off evil spirits.

Which Natural Gemstones to buy this Dhanteras?

Natural gemstones, on the day of Dhanteras, the markets would be brimming with shoppers. It would be like calling fortunes towards yourself to buy and wear a gemstone on this extraordinarily lucky day. We have a few potent gemstones that are suitable for everyone and attract success and good fortune. Any zodiac sign can wear it, and it is absolutely safe. As a result, you need not be concerned about their harmful effects.

We have listed up Dhanteras special stones and crystals exclusively for you.

  • Amethyst Stone:

Amethyst, also known as the Jamunia stone, brings modesty, the deepest sense of self, and mental tranquilly to those who wear it. It also brings wealth, success, and prosperity. People with professions associated with the colouring Black, such as coal traders, oil shippers, lawyers, etc., gain more from it. It provides comfort to people who use technology in their line of work, such as engineers, mechanics, and surgeons.

  • Ruby Gem:

One way to overcome hesitation is to wear a ruby. It is a fantastic gemstone for those who feel it is challenging to speak up for themselves because it provides support for the “self.”

  • Pearl Stone:

Pearl improves sleep quality and fortifies mental capacity. It greatly benefits ladies since it enhances their beauty and facial radiance. It strengthens a couple’s compatibility and, when combined with Rudraksha, addresses difficulties related to hopelessness and negativity.

  • Peridot Gemstone:

Peridot, a common stone for defence against challenges and negativity. Besides its ability to purify both the physical and energetic systems. Peridot has frequently been linked to wealth and fortune due to its likeness to the hue of money.


Purchase one of the jewels for yourself or a loved one to make Dhanteras unforgettable as the big day is just around the corner. We also provide a large variety of silver products, peridot, amethyst, Citrine etc.  and these natural crystal stones can be beneficial for both your fortune and general health.

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