Dreaming of Time Travel? Know its Meaning

Dreaming of Time Travel? Know its Meaning

Is time travel possible? Have you ever had a dream about going into the past or the future? Can one travel through time?

It’s not uncommon to have dreams in which we travel back in time to a certain period of our lives. Therefore, you need not believe it is not odd to consider going back in time.
Here’s something fascinating for you if you’re a fan of time travel and wish you could use a time machine. Here, we’ll explore the implications of having a time-traveling dream. Interesting enough?

Dreams of traveling across time represent our life’s journey. And depending on the context, these can mean different things.

Traveling to the Future:  Frequently, the expectations or wishes for a future other than the present are the foundation of time travel dreams.  Maybe the future promises have drawn your attention more than anything else. Although having hope is not harmful, it’s possible that it makes you forget to live in and appreciate the present. Maybe your obsession with the future has gotten the better of you.

Dreaming about traveling back in time may be a sign that you’re romanticizing what it will be like to experience that stage of life.

Traveling to the Past: Do you frequently think about something from your past? Do you feel trapped in the previous market, economy, or your previous job or relationships? Possible causes include upsetting memories from the past that you find difficult to let go of. It’s possible that going back in time means you’re still stuck in the past. And this can be one of the causes of your frustration and depression.


Unpleasant or embarrassing memories resurface in dreams when you are unable to let them go. Dreaming about traveling through time signals that it’s time to let go, and forgive yourself, or anyone else for that matter


Dreams about Water – 

Water is essential to life, and, therefore, inevitably has a certain importance in dreams. Dreaming of the Sea may indicate an awareness of the depth of our unconsciousness, the subconscious knowledge that our inner sleeves go much deeper than our immediate awareness.

The image of swimming in a deep pool may represent a regressive wish on the part of the dreamer with the pool symbolizing the amniotic fluid within the womb, Consequently, to dream coming out of a pool of water is indicative of a new start in life, or wish for such thing.

To dream of drowning, if we fear is present, may indicate a fear of death: to dream of simply sinking underwater without any feeling of an unpleasant nature, may indicate either a wish to explore one’s conscious in more depth, or an exploration of the idea of death.

Dreams about Snakes –

Snakes in dream symbolise emotional turmoil going in your subconscious. If you see a yourself talking to self, it  symbolises you are confused and yourinner self is taking you aware about the condition or decision.  Seeing a snake in you dream means uncertain changes can occur for which you are or might need to get ready.


Dreams about death – 

Dream of death can be scary and terrifying. It can cause due to your past traumas, your relationship with your family members or with yourself. Seeing yourself dieing doeesn’t mean you are going to die. But it surely indicates that you need to take your health into consideration. You might have been busy with your work and responsibility and your subconscious mind is providing you signals to about your health.

If you see a dream which is recurring numerous times. It means you need to cal and take a break, need to analyse what’s going on with you and what are you trying to avoid from longer run.

Get to know about most common dream and their meaning

Bizarre Past Life Tales

Have you heard any authentically bizarre time travel tales? Some people believe it to be true because it sounds so real. What are your views on it?

The Hipster Time Traveler –

A picture of the 1941 reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia, Canada, went viral in the early 2010s because it appeared to show a man who appeared a little bit too modern to have been taken in 1941. In fact, he appears to be a time-traveling hipster, complete with a graphic t-shirt, textured sweater, and sunglasses. The original image of the picture can be seen here; it had not been altered. What the heck was happening, then?

However, the fact that it has never been categorically refuted means that the theory that this image might show a guy from our time who has traveled back to 1941 continues to exist.

Four friends travel from 1979 to 1905 –

In1979, Len and Cynthia Gisby as well as Geoff and Pauline Simpson traveled to France. When it got dark, they decided to make a reservation for a motel for the night. They soon came across a place not too far along the way they were traveling. The only feature on the room doors other than wooden locks made it an odd position. The windows also didn’t have any glass, just thick shutters.

They ran into two gendarmes (armed French cops) while eating breakfast at the hotel in the morning. They were dressed in dated-looking uniforms with capes. The entire time at the hotel seemed weird, not the least since other hotels nearby cost more than 200 francs, while theirs only cost 19 francs. Even so, they continued on their journey with joy while trying to stop and stay at the hotel once more on the way back. However, it appeared to have disappeared into thin air. And what about the gendarmes’ uniforms? They date back to about 1905.


So, do you think it’s possible to go through time?

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