Effect of Saturn Transition On Our Life


Effect of Saturn Transition On Our Life

Saturn Transition

The Saturnian epoch (son of Lord Surya and Chhaya). The transit is the most powerful of the nine planets. It is said to be the highest teacher, rewarding the good and punishing the bad. In around two and a half years, the planet transits through one zodiac sign, having a significant impact on human life. As a result, it lasts about 2.5 years in each zodiac sign. The period can, however, be extended for another 5 or 7.5 years. Saturn’s curvature is not regarded as fortunate because the planet speeds up and turns again during this time. You will meet obstacles in practically every field due to Saturn’s passage through the twelve houses.

Saturn’s significance in Vedic astrology

Saturn is known as the god of karma or justice in Vedic astrology.

What sign is Saturn the ruler of? Capricorn and Aquarius have Saturn as their governing planet. In Libra, it is ascendant.

Saturn is linked to ethics, justice, career, life accomplishments, virtues, and values. Lord Shani Dev is also known as the “God of Judgment.” On the basis of their deeds, he delivers fruit to every human being. He punishes people who do terrible things and blesses those who do good things, but his judgment is correct.

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is said to be the cause of action and service. A person’s success and prosperity are enhanced by Saturn’s auspicious influence, but Saturn’s location in a horoscope can also result in job obstruction, continual conflicts, delays in progress, dread of health concerns, and other issues.

Saturn’s impact on our planets:

Saturn has a wide range of effects on humans. Shani is a planet of stumbling blocks, anguish, despair, sorrow, and illness, as well as the ability to bring enemies into human existence.

Shani, on the other hand, has its own way of balancing things out. It has the ability to help you progress, evolve, and conquer hurdles in your life. Every lifetime, the Saturn period occurs once or twice. The first Saturn period is quite difficult. It causes a lot of problems in both one’s personal and professional life.

Saturn in the First House: It is deemed inauspicious when Saturn transits the first house. The planet has a natural, solemn, and restrained demeanor. These natives are very organized and devote the majority of their efforts to their work. During this moment, the luck factor is not on the person’s side. In everyday life, there are delays and disagreements. Saturn’s transit is also unfavorable in terms of financial security. When Saturn is positioned in this house, it causes mental tension and a variety of other issues.

Saturn in the second house: Saturn’s transit through the second house is considered highly unlucky. A child born during this period faces numerous challenges. Until Shanni’s effect diminishes, the child may not be able to meet his or her needs. During this time, you may also encounter family feuds and your spouse’s estranged behavior. It’s possible that your financial condition will be impacted, resulting in business losses and family problems.

Saturn in the Third House: The transit of Saturn through the third house is considered lucky. It is a symbol of communication, self-expression, thought, and bravery. The situation appears to be favorable to the individual at this time. The native regains his or her lost self-confidence. Every aspect of life is successful, and the financial situation improves as well. Saturn, who rules the third house, brings a person’s ambitions and dreams to reality. It’s also fun to spend time with your family.

Saturn in the Fourth House: Saturn in the fourth house is not a good sign. According to astrology, the individual’s emotional interactions with his or her family suffer from a variety of negative consequences. He may also encounter financial instability, property loss, and health-related concerns. As a result, it’s been dubbed “very bad luck.”

Saturn in the Fifth House: Saturn in the fifth house is thought to be a good sign, however, it is a difficult time. Speculative business, sports betting, trading, stock marketing, and even gambling are all represented by Saturn in the fifth house. The person develops a set of patterns and becomes more spontaneous as a result. When Saturn is weak, a person may experience fertility problems and find it difficult to conceive.

Saturn in the Sixth House: Saturn in the sixth house is seen to be exceedingly fortunate, and the planet is supposed to be at ease in this house. The individual appears to be dedicated to his career and hardworking. Everything is well-structured and organized. When Saturn is debilitated, though, the individual may experience compatibility troubles as well as health problems.

Saturn in the Seventh House: Saturn in the seventh house denotes legally binding cooperation in business, marriage, or other endeavors. When Saturn is in the seventh house, the person appears to have a stable life until Saturn is no longer afflicted. People appear to have stable marriages and successful businesses.

Saturn in the Eighth House: The eight houses in Vedic astrology represent marriage, ancestral property, or inheritance. It has a significant impact on people’s lives and thoughts. Financial, fiscal, and other resource constraints may be imposed on the individual. Under Saturn’s influence, it may potentially produce long-term illness and intractable issues. When Saturn is well examined, though, a person may live a long life and be wealthy later in life.

 Saturn in the Ninth House: Saturn or Shani in the ninth house indicates that the person is devout and spiritual. It is a symbol of pilgrimage, riches, and good fortune. People with Saturn in the ninth house are prone to following the tradition and working for a well-established corporation. When Saturn is afflicted, however, the person becomes narrow-minded and their ego expands.

Saturn in the Tenth House: When Saturn is in the tenth house, which is the home of vacation and ambition, the inhabitants are usually good organisers and managers. They have an excellent understanding of business. They will succeed, but it will take a lot of hard work and effort to realise their goals.

Saturn’s natives in the 10th house are often ambitious, which can be problematic at times. If the natives’ ambition gets the best of them, they may find themselves in serious trouble.






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