Engineer’s Day Celebration 2022: What Does Your Sign Say About You as An Engineer?

Engineer's Day 2022

Engineer’s Day Celebration 2022: What Does Your Sign Say About You as An Engineer?

When is engineer’s day celebrated?  

Engineer’s Day is observed on September 15th in India along with two other countries, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. So why do we celebrate Engineers Day?

Indians celebrate Engineers Day to acknowledge and celebrate Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya’s contributions as a renowned engineer. The purpose of the day is to honour engineers’ outstanding contributions and to inspire continued innovation and progress.

‘Engineering for Change’ is the theme of 2022, chosen by the Institution’s Council to commemorate the event. In a developing country like India, “change” is the primary issue that engineers are currently facing.

A sneak peek to the history:

Sir MV. Visvesvaraya, also known as father of engineer, Sir Mokshagund Vishweshvaraya, was born to eminent Sanskrit scholars on September 15,1861, in Karnataka. He was one of the chief engineers for Hyderabad’s flood protection system and also served as the chief engineer of the Krishna Raja Sagara dam in the north-western suburb of Mysuru city.

At the Khadakvasla reservoir near Pune, he devised and built an irrigation system with water floodgates to increase food production and storage. A similar structure was constructed at the Krishnaraja Sagara (KRS) dam in Mysuru and the Tigra Dam in Gwalior, which at the time produced one of Asia’s biggest reservoirs.

In1915, King George V knighted him in the Royal Order of the British Empire. Before becoming a member of the Indian Science Academy of Engineering, he was awarded the highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna (IScB). He played a key role in the foundation of one of the first Government Engineering College in Bangalore in 1917.

Engineering is a great and, needless to say, challenging career. However, a lot depends on the placement of your stars and planet. Here, based on your zodiac moon sign, we present the type of engineer you will be.

Your zodiac sign determines what kind of engineer you are:


As an Aries, you have a lot of life, energy, and enthusiasm for what you do. You are a born leader with the tenacity and perseverance to succeed in life. You have a lot of creative ideas, but the discipline to follow them through is lacking.

In the long run, you tend to gravitate toward management and away from basic engineering. Instead of being an engineer yourself, you are better at project management.


Your dependability, maturity, and tenacity are well-known. You’re an extremely strong and determined person, which makes you an excellent engineer. Your integrity and self-control make you a dedicated worker who will go to any length to achieve his objectives.

One of the best zodiac signs for being a successful engineer is yours because intelligence and diligence go hand in hand for you.


You have intelligence and flexibility. Your desire to learn new things and your drive to produce quality work are what make you an excellent engineer. But you lack patience and can’t stay focused on one task for very long.

You are more effective in speaking and exchanging ideas than in the fundamentals of engineering. You possess strong analytical skills and can solve problems quickly.


You are incredibly devoted to your job and enthusiastic about it. Despite the fact that you may not have much aptitude for engineering because it is such a mechanical field, you nevertheless perform a fantastic job because you are such a hard worker.

Although they don’t directly relate to the engineering sector, these skill sets do make you a successful worker.


While being friendly and upbeat, you are also goal-oriented. You tend to think in terms of technology. You are a driven individual who enjoys interacting with people. You are a skilled engineer because of your ability to persuade others.


You are dependable, methodical, and grounded. You are a great worker with a fascination for machinery. You are an excellent engineer because of your personal qualities. You are, however, quite inwardly focused and reserved.


You function best in teams. You are quite sociable and laid back. You have a stronger preference for artistic and creative careers than for technical ones.

But if you decide to pursue a career as an engineer, you will be a pretty decent one because you never leave any work unfinished and always make sure to do quality work.


You enjoy taking on new challenges, and nothing frightens you. You enjoy suspense and adventure and possess the curiosity to travel a path less travelled. This makes you a very talented engineer who will find amazing solutions to challenging problems.


You are self-reliant and cherish your freedom. Since engineering does not require much movement or travel, you would not make a very good engineer. You are difficult to categorise, and research scientists and engineers would be the greatest careers for you.


You are incredibly aspirational, driven, and devoted. You are a serious workaholic who actually enjoys what you do. You are also incredibly persistent. What makes you a good engineer is that you have a particular dedication to your career and can handle all the technical and meticulous labour with elegance.


You are an absolute technology genius. You make a very good engineer because of your passion in technology, gadgets, and maths. The conventional method is frequently abandoned in favour of novel, creative solutions.

You make a darn fine engineer because of your enthusiasm for work, love of technology, and creative, independent thinking.


You are deeply intuitive, compassionate, and open-minded. You have a strong attraction to creative, aesthetic, and artistic careers. Your strong sense of imagination makes you more likely to choose a creative career than an engineering one.

Engineers are regarded for their empathy and sensitivity, therefore becoming one is a smart choice.

There are numerous additional planetary configurations for the engineer career. Consult with our experts to learn your unique planetary alignment!

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