Friends Series : Which Zodiac Character from Friends Best Suits You


Friends Series : Which Zodiac Character from Friends Best Suits You

Even after more than 28 years after Friends first aired on NBC, the show is still relevant.

Friends’ lead cast, all of whom were in their mid-twenties when they first appeared in the Friends, is a key factor in the show’s success since it allows viewers to observe how their behavior and characters evolve as they get older.

 They all overcame their fears to become better people. In season three, Rachel went from being a waitress at a coffee shop to an assistant buyer at Bloomingdale’s, while Chandler left his position as the IT procurement manager to work as an intern before becoming an advertising copywriter.

Let’s find out which zodiac sign from “Friends” best describes you and your friends.

What are zodiac signs?

The zodiac is a collection of 12 different signs in the sky. Each sign is associated with a different element, and together they make up your personality. Astrology is a very complex study, but at its heart, astrology is based on the idea that different signs in the sky have different effects on people.

Similarly we have come up with a very interesting subject on the very famous TV Show ‘Friends’.

Friends characters are created in a way that each one would perfectly describe a particular sign of the zodiac, such as chandler suit 100% Gemini and ross suit Capricorn. In TV shows, these zodiac signs are also crucial for character development. For example, if the writers intended to create an introvert, malefic cancer would be a key factor. If someone lives so lavishly, they must have a Taurus influence, like Rachel does. So let’s explore more and see in more depth.

Chandler (Gemini):

Friends Series chandler_Lineology

  • Gemini are funny, clever and extroverts who is funnier and more sarcastic than Chandler.

  • Because Gemini is a dual sign, Chandler is both Confident and slightly insecure.

  • They are great at wordplay and communication skills – Could Chandler be any more Gemini?Gemini is better suited to media and communication – Chandler quits his first job to take a less lucrative job as an intern advertising copywriter.


Friends series Joey_Lineology

  • Leo loves being the center of attention, drama-adoring – oversees fun, creativity that makes Joey an entertainer, which, as an actor.

  • Leos are passionate lovers who enjoy sensual activities like flirting and dating, and that explains Joey.

  • Leo are kind, loyal, and big-hearted people who are fiercely protective of their best friends – Did you see the scene in which Rachel said that his boss wanted to buy her baby?

Ross (Capricorn):

Friends series Ross_Lineology

  • Capricorn likes to keep social circles small, but are loyal and supportive of their friends and loved ones– Ross, unlike his other friends, prefers to live alone in a Manhattan apartment.

  • Capricorns are always holding themselves accountable. They are adamant about showing their capabilities to others – Remember the one with all the Rugby.

  • Capricorns are clear-eyed, sensitive, grounded, knowledgeable, and frequently tend to offer advice – Remember Ross’s great words of advice.

Rachel Green (Taurus):

Friends series Rachel_Lineology

  • They enjoy indulgence and pleasure, and they are more than happy to indulge you as well – Rachel loved keeping up with trends, fashion, and shopping.

  • Taureans are naturally attractive people – Rachel is an icon unlike any other, and a hairstyle that was replicated by many people.

  • Taurus people don’t like going out of their comfort zone – If not for Monica, Rachel would have wed Berry.

Monica Geller ( Virgo):

Friend series Monica Geller_Lineology

  • Virgo are systematic and quick thinkers, they frequently feel anxious and tense due to their excessive mental activity – Remember Monica’s obsession for cleaning and organizing.

  • Their relentless pursuit of excellence and diligence may cause them to be over critical at times.

  • Virgos are known for their stubbornness – That’s Monica!

Phoebe Buffay (Aquarius):

friend series_phoebe_buffay_Lineology

  • Aquarius are very frank and honest people, and they don’t involve themselves in any shady business – Phoebe was often seen avoiding major corporations.
  •  Aquarians don’t like to “go with the flow,” wanting to make their own decisions and then stick with them. Unlike other Friends Phoebe chose to become a guitar player and a massage therapist.

  • Aquarians spend a lot of time in their own heads, and they do so cheerfully. Dreaming up fantasies, contemplating outer space – Remember The With The Cat – where Phoebe believes her mother was reborn as a cat.

Richard –  Capricorn:


  • Richard is the most mature character in the Friends series in terms of age and overall personality, making him a Capricorn without a doubt. The most responsible and ambitious signs, Capricorns strive to keep order and discipline.

  •  Moreover, Richard and Monica also first met when Monica and Phoebe showed up to cater a party that Richard was throwing. Monica made plans to see Richard the next day for an eye checkup after falling in love with him at first sight because Capricorn and Virgo are both earth signs with excellent love compatibility.

  • Capricorns are eager to learn new things, which is why Richard tried to go to a Knicks game with Chandler and Joey and expressed interest in becoming friends.
  • Capricorns are devoted and trustworthy to their friends, even if they tend to keep their social circles small. Plus, they are magnetic, which is why Chandler and Joey strive to imitate Richard’s mannerisms.

  • Capricorns make good boyfriends as well, Richard is the best boyfriend that Monica has ever dated out of all her boyfriends, Phoebe also adds in an episode – Remember.

Janice – Leo:


  • Despite the fact that she is not your typical Leo, Janice possesses the majority of the traits of a Leo. She is quite outspoken about her love, which may seem strange to some people, like Joey, but it is entertaining when she is around.

  • Leo is highly outspoken about their emotions; like Janice, they always feel confident in their own minds and never fear others – Remember “Oh My God!!!

  • Leo genuinely cared for their loved ones; If you recall, even after Chandler and Janice had several breakups, Janice still showed affection for Chandler. 

  • Despite how annoying she is, she has never been an issue for Chandler and has never taken advantage of their long-standing relationship. Leos have huge hearts and are compassionate.

Gunther – Pisces


  • Gunther fits the pisces sign perfectly. Like Pisces, Gunther can read your emotions, and he will listen to you gently without passing judgment.

  • Nothing is ever painful to them, they are the people like I have seen everything in life. Nothing ever surprises them. Also remember the time when Gunther revealed to Joey that he is also an actor once.

  • Although Pisces are also incredibly passionate about romance, they like to take things slowly. That is why Gunther waited so long to ask Rachel out; only in the last episode did he have the courage to do so.

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