Gandhi Jayanti 2022: Significance and Gandhi’s Freedom Struggle and Spiritual Journey

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Gandhi Jayanti 2022: Significance and Gandhi’s Freedom Struggle and Spiritual Journey

Gandhi Jayanti kab aati hai?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Bapu, was born on October 2nd, and he actively participated in the struggle for India's independence and freedom. His nonviolent approach to achieving freedom was a ground-breaking step, and it is currently used throughout the country to achieve justice in diverse contexts.

Because of his great contributions to the nation, he was awarded the title "father of the nation." He was devoted to the betterment of his country and led a humble life. He created the Satyagraha movement, a nonviolent form of protest.

Significance of Gandhi Jayanti

The nation as a whole commemorates and pays tribute to the nation's founding father on this specific day. Gandhi Jayanti, a global celebration of his life, will be held this year to commemorate his 152nd birthday. Without the illustrious leader, India's independence was likely impossible. His theories and approaches were what sparked the civil rights movements and brought about a great deal of important changes in the world.

Gandhi’s idea on Spiritual Democracy

As we delve further, let's discuss Gandhi's idea on spiritual democracy. The definition of spirituality has changed. In contemporary usage, spirituality has a far more individualised connotation that varies from person to person.

The term "spirituality" is incredibly thought-provoking. Gandhi began to recognise that he was only applying the ages-old spiritual teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and other religious figures to the current political difficulties as he looked for the spiritual origins of political conflict. The simple application of old spiritual teachings to pervasive domestic and worldwide issues was his greatest accomplishment. Gandhi's daily commitment to prayer, meditation, and scripture study is something we must take note of in order to comprehend him.

Gandhi used his own conception of spirituality in the struggle for freedom. The peace among the people was disturbed by war, bloodshed, racism, hatred, and poverty. He desired change, and in his spiritual quest for it, he developed the concept of satyagraha—a holy tactic for sweeping structural change and social and political upheaval. Gandhi believed that if one was willing to suffer and die for justice and peace without the desire to revenge or kill, then the spirit of all-pervasive redeeming love would attract even God's attention, earn the world's sympathy, and wear down the adversary in the process until justice and freedom were attained.

Gandhi stated in his autobiography, "But I should surely like to tell my experiments in the spiritual sphere, which are known only to myself and from which I have gained such power as I possess for functioning in the political field. The goal of life is to realise oneself and meet God face to face in order to achieve Moksha. Only spirituality makes it possible for this.

The spiritual sense can be used to experience spirituality. Gandhi sought to attempt to reframe politics in terms of spirituality. A person with a strong sense of spirituality may be able to touch millions of people's hearts while remaining silent and without making a single gesture or speech. Feeling is risky. It differs from many other things that we may observe, evaluate, and demonstrate using our senses.

Why did Gandhi Choose Ahimsa?

Let’s take a dive through astrology here.

Gandhi had a lively personality. Gandhi’s zodiac sign was Libra, and Librans are noted for being gregarious people who enjoy creating order. They enjoy social interaction and surround themselves with intriguing people who can teach them new things. One of the core characteristics of the Libra personality is sociality.

Always looking for the positivity, Libras see the best in people and circumstances. They have the best of motives and believe in the best in people and concepts. Every time they begin a new project or learn something new, they have great expectations.

Therefore, to name a few, it's possible that's how he came up with the concepts of "ahimsa" and the "Khadi movement." The boycott of foreign goods. The determination and tenacity to succeed. Khadi is a representation of independence. It continues to represent our dedication to the country and serve as an ideology.

By nature, Libras strive for peace. They are excellent at reaching agreements in groups, whether they are made up of friends or colleagues, but this also implies that they struggle with facing their own difficulties and will avoid having unpleasant conversations for as long as they can. No doubt these characteristics of being Libra made him to be what he is. 


The ultimate goal of Gandhi's search was moral behaviour. He battled to develop his own set of values, and his difficulties and actions were merely the outward expressions of that battle. Mahatma Gandhi, who is more popularly regarded as the father of the nation because he was instrumental in securing our freedom.

Let’s celebrate this Gandhi Jayanti with simplicity abiding by his teachings.

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