Guru Purnima 2022: Date, History, Importance, its Traditions, and Culture

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Guru Purnima 2022: Date, History, Importance, its Traditions, and Culture

Over a thousand years have passed since people first treasured and observed Guru Purnima. Every year, we celebrate Guru Purnima to pay homage to our gurus. In Hindu tradition, gurus have always been held in the highest regard.

Three of India’s most popular religions—rather than just one—share the significance and importance of Guru Purnima. Specifically, Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

This Sanskrit phrase literally translates as “the one who liberates us from ignorance.” This full moon day, the month of Ashada is considered by Hindus to be one of the fortunate days of the year. It also celebrates Ved Vyasa’s birthday, which is credited with authoring several important works of Hindu literature, including the Vedas, Mahabharata, and the Puranas.

History of Guru Purnima

All religions recognize the significance of Guru Purnima, although their genesis tales are all different. For your reference, the original guru Purnima tales from Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism are mentioned here.

Guru Purnima in Hinduism

Guru Purnima is the day in Hindu mythology when Lord Shiva imparted his knowledge to his seven disciples, or “sapatarishis.” As a result, Lord Shiva earned the title of Guru. Since then, Lord Shiva, his priceless teachings, and his seven disciples have all been honored during the celebration of Guru Purnima.

Guru Purnima in Buddhism

On this day, according to legend, Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon. 5 weeks had passed since Lord Buddha found enlightenment beneath the now-famous Bodhi tree. The sermon was delivered on a full moon day, and ever since his first sermon, his followers have devoted this day to him and worshipped him with devotion. After all, he was the first of the well-known gurus, and his teachings improved the nation and its citizens.

Guru Purnima in Jainism

In terms of Jainism, it is thought that Mahavira, who is unquestionably one of the most well-known Tirthankaras in Jainism, attracted his very first adherent on the day of Guru Purnima. Because of this, he gained the title of guru. Since then, this day has been honored by Jain practitioners as a day to remember Mahavira and all the other gurus who came after him.

Celebrations of Guru Purnima

Typically, during Guru Purnima, we worship and give thanks to the gods who resemble our gurus. Disciples offer prayers in monasteries and ashrams in memory of their mentors. It is important to commit to and put into practice the guru’s teachings and beliefs on this day. The significance of Vishnu pooja is connected to Guru Purnima. On this day, one should recite the “Vishnu Sahatranam,” popularly known as the thousand names of Lord Vishnu. On this lucky day, be in tune with yourself and channel your energy.

During the day while fasting, many people forgo eating salt, rice, heavy foods like non-vegetarian dishes, and other meals made of cereals. Yogurt or fruit is the only acceptable food. Before breaking their fast in the evening, they perform pooja. The temples hand out fresh fruit and sweetened curd Prasada and Charnamrita. Most houses observe a strict vegetarian diet on Guru Purnima and indulge in dishes like Khichdi, Poori, Choley, and Halwa, as well as sweets like Soan Papdi, Barfi, and Laddoo, Gulab Jamun, etc.

Importance of Guru Purnima

We commemorate Guru Purnima in order to thank our gurus for illuminating our thoughts. Since the beginning of time, they have had a special place in the lives of their devotees. The significance of Gurus and the exceptional link between a Guru and his Shishya are emphasized in all of Hinduism’s sacred texts (disciple). According to a proverbial Sanskrit saying, “Mata Pitah Guru Daivam,” the mother, father, guru, and god all have priority over one another. As a result, in Hindu tradition, teachers have been granted a higher status than Gods.

Guru Purnima 2022, Date and Time

Date Time
Purnima Tithi Begins July 13, Wednesday 4 am
Purnima Tithi Ends July 14, Thursday 12: 06 am

Auspicious Pooja to be Performed:

Guru Purnima Pooja Vidhi and Yajna – The event honors the teachers or gurus. On the occasion of Purnima, guru Purnima pooja and yajna are performed to enlist the divine blessings of gurus who dispel ignorance and illuminate the path of life.

Benefits of Pooja :

  • Paying attribute to your guru
  • Success in education, career, and marriage
  • Jupiter’s blessings and the eradication of its negative consequences. Jupiter is the planet of learning, morality, self-assurance, hope, honor, and the law in astrology. It is connected to hope and expansion (including mental and spiritual growth).


Grah Pooja Mantra Japa and Yagna – It is very lucky and profitable to conduct Guru Graha (planet Jupiter) on Guru Purnima. Jupiter is a planet that represents knowledge, communication, wisdom, and learning.

Benefits of Pooja:

  • improves confidence and communication
  • aids in reaching one’s full potential, improving memory, and acquiring wisdom

Sage Ved Vyas Pooja and Yajna – Ved Vyasa, also known as Maharshi Vyasa Muni, is a powerful author of the Bhagavad Purana, the Mahabharata, and the four Vedas (Srimad Bhagavatam). Regarded as the first and greatest acharya of Sanatan Dharma, devotees believed him to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Benefits of P00ja

  • Divine favor and blessing of Maharshi Vyasa and Lord Vishnu for the advancement of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and spirituality  Sage Kapila Samkhaya Pujan – Maharshi Kapila is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu who, by his teachings, helped the world achieve spiritual harmony.

Benefits of Pooja

Knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and spiritual upliftment are bestowed by Maharshi Kapila and Lord Vishnu through their divine favor.

Significance of wearing spiritual gems with energy on Purnima

MoonStone – The best moonstone is one that is genuine and natural. A strong stone that offers countless advantages and seems elegant and alluring when worn as jewelry, including as rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Moonstone helps in spiritual growth, enhances positivity and peace of mind, relief from menstrual pain, reduces obesity, helps you balance emotions, and gives you strength to overcome problems.

Moonstone when worn can give innumerable benefits:

Wisdom Pendant – boosts knowledge, confidence, and communication abilities. Makes the wearer confident, articulate, and bold.

Therapeutic advantages- Relieves sore throat, insomnia, and neck/shoulder pain.

Citrine Citrine’s upbeat color makes it unsurprising that it is connected with enthusiasm and optimism. It is frequently utilized to help manifest financial prosperity and possibilities. Additionally, it can be utilized to open the solar plexus chakra, which supports the development of self-assurance and personal power.

It is believed that because it is Guru Purnima, it demonstrates power in a variety of ways. Therefore, there are several advantages to wearing a citrine crystal.

The brahmins and spiritual gurus must be honored with respect and compassion as a sign of gratitude, according to the Vedas. Rudraksha Kanthas and presents for Gauri Shankar are also acceptable gifts on this day. Shiva and Shakti come together in perfect harmony to create a Gauri Shankar bead. The Kundalini Shakti of the wearer is aroused by wearing this bead.

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