What is Holi Festival? Story, Cultural significance, and Zodiac Colours


What is Holi Festival? Story, Cultural significance, and Zodiac Colours

Holi festival is the most well-known festival in India and is marked by numerous cultural traditions. We welcomed a serene, warm, and colorful spring season as we marked the end of the cold, harsh winter.

The term “Holi,” also known as the “festival of colours,” is derived from the Sanskrit word Holik (pronounced “Hol” in Hindi). The name of a demon in the seventh-century tale Ratnaval is Holik.

Holi stands for the start of spring and the victory of good over evil. There are numerous legends connected to it. It’s also claimed to be a recreation of a game played by the Hindu deity, Lord Krishna with Radha and the Gopi’s, or milkmaids.

The cultural significance of the Holi Festival :

Holi Festival

Do you know the numerous facets of Holi festival that make it so significant for our lives? It’s a colourful and enjoyable holiday, but there are other aspects to it as well. Holi is a vibrant Hindu festival that honours the triumph of virtue over evil, the beginning of a new season (spring), and love.

We have every reason to fervently celebrate the festival and treasure its tradition, which range from sociocultural to biological factors. Holi is a celebration of the heart. There are no barriers or divisions, just love that is spoken through colour.

Legends Surrounding the Holi Celebration

The Holi festival is surrounded by many legends or folktales connecting us to our traditions and religion. The customs surrounding Holi differ across the nation and have their origins in Indian mythology. The most well-known one also includes tales of Lord Krishna and Radha, Prahlad and Holika.

Lord Vishnu and Prahlad :

Holi is connected to the ancient tale of Prahlad and Holika. According to Hindu mythology, a prince by the name of Prahlad was a devout follower of Lord Vishnu. His father, the strong and evil Hiranyakashyap, didn’t like this because he wanted to be worshipped by everyone.

In order to murder Prahlada, his son, a devout follower of Vishnu, Hiranyakashipu solicited the aid of his sister, Holika. Holika, using a cloak to shield her from the fire, sat on a pyre with Prahlada and tried to burn him. Yet Holika burned as the cloak shielded Prahlada. During that evening, Hiranyakashipu was killed by Vishnu, and the incident was celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

 The night before Holi, a sizable bonfire is lit in several locations around India to commemorate this event.

Radha Krishna :


Another legend associated with Holi involves Lord Krishna, who is renowned for having a distinctive blue skin tone, and was envious of Radha’s fair skin. Krishna lamented the injustice of nature that caused Radha to be so beautiful and him to be so dark to his mother Yashoda.

In order to calm the wailing child, the devoted mother instructed young Krishna to go and paint Radha’s face in any colour he desired. In an effort to make Radha look more like him, mischievous Krishna followed mother Yashoda’s suggestion and smeared Radha’s face.

Holi celebrates this lovely incident of Krishna’s practical joke in which he played colour with Radha.

The use of Holi colours is more than just a custom; each zodiac sign has deeper connotations that are represented by the colours used.

Both scientific and religious importance can be found in the colours utilised during Holi. Earth, air, water, fire, and sky are the five components that make up the colours. Turmeric (yellow), sandalwood (white), kumkum (red), indigo (blue), and henna are the colours utilised (green). For millennia, people have used these colours to represent the elements.

Symbolism of Holi Colours :

Holi Colours

Zodiac colours have recently grown popular and play a significant role in the celebration of Holi. Each Zodiac Signs have their own unique ways of celebrating the festival. Each sign is distinctive in its own way, here we’ve put together a collection of colours based on your zodiac sign to make this day even more special.

  • Red – The ultimate colour of love, passion, and fertility.
  • Blue – The colour of Krishna’s face, and also the sky and oceans.
  • Yellow – The colour of knowledge and learning, symbolises happiness, meditation, and peace.
  • Green – The colour of nature, symbolizes the start of Spring and new beginnings.
  • Pink – Symbolises compassion and care.
  • Purple – Symbolize magic and mystery.


Our aura, symbolises our personality and reveals a lot about us. Based on the sign of your zodiac, use the hue of your aura to colour your life.

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The Zodiac-Related Holi Colours :



  • The colour red is the lucky colour for playing Holi for the fire sign, Aries, as it highlights their individuality. Red helps people speak out with confidence and improves their leadership skills.


  • People born under this Zodiac sign should go with striking hue of green. The colour is both aesthetic, attractive and assertive.


  • People born under Gemini should wear yellow. The colour yellow encourages Gemini to take things slowly and have a happy outlook.


  • Cancerians are sentimental and family oriented. Pink and white is a lucky hue for them since it stands for love, tenderness, and reliability.


  • Because orange is a lucky colour for Holi and because it accentuates a Leo’s attractive and charming demeanour, warm-hearted Leos should favour orange-hued clothing.


  • The mauve and green hues support Virgo’s efforts to regulate their emotions and achieve harmony and calm.


  • Because Libra has a blue aura, it is best for them to wear blue because it is calming, strong, and symbolises trust and tranquilly.


  • Scorpions are aggressive by nature. They become more intuitive and driven to succeed when colours like yellow, red, cream, and orange are added.


  • The Sagittarius personality is characterised as being exuberant, gregarious, and laid-back. Colours like violet, white, purple, and blue complement their energy.


  • These zodiac signs should use the colour grey. The earth is dependable, friendly, and a good fit for Capricorns.


  • Aquarians are erratic and cranky at times. The peaceful connotations of blue can help people feel a little easy – going.


Pisces should wear white, pink, blush red, fire yellow, lemon yellow, butter yellow, and fire yellow. This will improve their outlook on life.

Conclusion :

Your aura gives you the green light to be who you are since the existence of a colour indicates that you have a vibration. Wrong colours attract negative energy, enabling the world to regard you unfairly. Knowing your identity and having faith in who you are come from understanding your aura.

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