Kajari Teej 2022: Date, Meaning Significance, all you Need to Know.

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Kajari Teej 2022: Date, Meaning Significance, all you Need to Know.

Kajari Teej is observed on the third day of Krishna Paksha in the Bhado month (the dark fortnight of moon).

Mostly celebrated in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and some regions of Madhya Pradesh just like they celebrate Hariyali Teej and Karwa Chauth. The term “Kajari,” also known as “Badi Teej” or “Satudi Teej,” is derived from a folklore that depicts the pleasant pain a woman feels after a brief absence from her husband. To celebrate this occasion, she goes to her mother’s house and does a vrat in order to pray for her partner’s safety.

Kajari Teej 2022 DateAug. 14, 2022

Kajari Teej Auspicious Time

Tritiya Tithi Begins – August 14, 2022 at 12:53 AM

Tritiya Tithi ends – August 14, 2022 at 10:35 PM

Kajari Teej ki Kahani:

The story goes that, Goddess Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva. However, Lord Shiva set a restriction. Goddess Parvati was required to demonstrate her devotion to and love for Lord Shiva under strict conditions. In response to Lord Shiva’s test of faithfulness and trust, Goddess Parvati meditated for 108 long years. On the day of Teej, Lord Shiva thereafter took Goddess Parvati as his wife. This is why this day is also referred to as Kajari Teej.

Significance of Kajari Teej:

The Hindu holiday Kajari Teej honour’s women’s spirit and is honored in hopes that husbands will live long and prosper. Married women celebrate this event with a great deal of joy. The start of the monsoon season is also welcomed with the celebration of Kajari Teej. The monsoon season’s advent is very nice and causes everyone to become excited after the oppressive heat of the summers. Throughout the month of “Sharavan,” Hindus observe all three of their most significant Teej festivities.

In conclusion, Kajari Teej is a celebration of the distinctiveness of Indian culture. Although it is commemorated for two days straight, its essence may still be sensed during the Janmashtami celebrations.

Rituals performed during Kajari Teej:

On the day of Kajari Teej, women worship Goddess Parvati and seek Her blessings for a happy marriage life. On this day, women wake up early to do their daily tasks. After that, they dress in new clothing and adorn themselves with sindhur, bindis, and bracelets. Women decorate their hands and feet with Mehendi as well. Women often dress up as wedded brides on the day of Kajari Teej as part of tradition.

Women also follow the stringent fast known as Kajari Teej Vrat. Prior to sunrise, the participant in this vrat rises and consumes some food. After that, they go the entire day without eating or drinking anything. The neighborhood’s women dress up and congregate for the puja in the evening. With “kumkum,” “chawal,” “henna,” “haldi,” and other offerings as well as fruits and treats, the women worship the “Neem” tree.

The day is spent by women having fun together because this festival is primarily for women. On this special day, people enjoy swinging, singing, dancing, and other enjoyable activities. This Badi Teej party wouldn’t be complete without “Kajli Songs.”

The presentation of gourmet food treats is essential to each Hindu event. Kheer, Puri, Badam ka Halwa, Gujiya, Ghevar, and Kaju Katli are a some of the well-known treats made on this event. A unique treat that plays a big role in the traditions and celebrations of Kajari Teej is sattu, a sweet made from chana dal. The women of the home prepare these unique sacrifices to be made to Goddess Parvati.

Giving married women “Shringara” things on the day of Kajari Teej is customary. This includes items like clothing, jewellery, and treats.

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