Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties: Mental Clarity and Consciousness

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Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties: Mental Clarity and Consciousness

What is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is a stunning stone that has been revered for its intense, vivid blue colour as well as for its energising properties in many cultures. It is distinguished by golden and brown specks and is an opaque royal dark gemstone.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

The stone represents wisdom and truth.  The stone has a very high vibration and very powerful. The term Lapis comes from the Latin word Lapis, which means “stone,” and Lazuli, comes from the mediaeval Latin word “Lazulum,” derived from the Arabic word “Lazaward,” which refers to the stone’s blue hue. It’s referred to as “Rajavarta” in Hindi (राजावर्त, “lapis lazuli”).

History of Lapis Lazuli:

The lapis lazuli gemstone was first found in Afghanistan, in the kingdoms of Egypt and Siberia all throughout the Mughal Empire. It was a prized component utilised in artwork and building. It was kept close to their dead bodies by the ancient Egyptians in order to safeguard their loved ones from harm during their subsequent births.

Besides the good luck stone the raw powdered lapis lazuli gemstone was used as medicine and eyeshadows. Raw lapis lazuli was frequently put next to loved ones’ tombs throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia. In Egypt, Rome lapis lazuli was widely used in jewellery, including lapis necklaces, pendants, lapis lazuli bracelets, and amulets.

Since ancient times, the gemstone has been highly valued; people carried it with them everywhere they went since they believed it to be a protection stone.

Lapis Lazuli Stone Meaning and Uses:

Meaning of lapis lazuli gemstone

This stone has a very high vibration and is an effective tool for thinking and spirituality. It enhances self-awareness and self-knowledge, which can encourage you to trust your inner wisdom. The therapeutic qualities of lapis lazuli enable us to clear the clutter from our minds so that we may think more honestly. It is a helpful tool for mending or nourishing good connections inside ourselves or with others.

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties:

  • Enhances clarity and creativity of the mind – One of the numerous Lapis Lazuli healing qualities that people adore is the ability to find clarity and serenity of mind. By clearing out mental clutter, it enables you to devote your time and energy to activities that are more productive.
  • Encourages honest conversation – blue lapis stone healing properties promotes open and honest conversations. It inspires everyone around it to speak their truth. Having one or more difficult relationships in our lives is something that many of us can relate to. It is important to carry lapis lazuli with you when facing a challenging circumstance or relationship. This stone fosters healing and tranquillity in interpersonal relations.

Physical Healing Qualities of Lapis Lazuli:

Benefits of lajward stone – It connects deeply from the heart to the head, relieving pain from a variety of internal and external problems we could experience. This stone offers assistance with inflammation, healthy heart circulation, and a number of head and neck conditions.

  • Decrease and alleviate inflammation – Lapis Lazuli health benefits are numerous. It helps reduce inflammation and external skin issues as well. The gemstone also help reduces eye infections when boiled in warm, sterile water and uses with clean clothes.
  • Promotes heart health – Lapis healing properties are powerful because it has the power to improve cardiac rhythm and good circulation when placed close to the heart and also controls high blood pressure.

Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Properties:

The healing properties of the stone helps connect to the third eye chakra further connecting us to our higher consciousness also helps promote a strong positive perception of oneself. 

Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Benefits:

  • strengthens the voice within of us.
  • represents the absolute truth.
  • Helps connect to our higher self

Lapis Metaphysical Properties:

The therapeutic powers of lapis lazuli can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • People use it in jewellery by wearing rings, bracelets, and pendants that activate higher energy in the person.
  • Lapis necklace meaning – known as the stone of royal energy, aids in revealing and gaining access to your inner divine and noble essence.
  • Wearing lapis lazuli necklace can help you to have an open heart and radiate love.


Lapis Lazuli gemstone benefits on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, it has healing abilities that reach from the heart to the head. In order to access our truth and inner knowledge, we must let go of our bad or counterproductive ways of being.

Do you want to succeed financially and have abundance in your career or in your own business? When it comes to making important business decisions and undertaking challenging tasks, lapis lazuli symbolizes luck and wealth.

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