Leo 2022: Leo’s shine and rise—this is your season

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Leo 2022: Leo’s shine and rise—this is your season

The astrological universe is ready for a little bit of action after a peaceful, laid-back Cancer season. The summer season is in full swing, which can only indicate that  Leo season 2022 is rapidly approaching. We’ll all want to be ready, as this flamboyant sign is all about the drama and self-expression.

Leo season is here because the Sun entered the sign of the lion on July22, marking the beginning of the sign’s official ingress.

This Leo season: what you need to know

Leo 2022 has a lot of mysteries and surprises in store for us. Our astrologer explains that the Leo season is all about expressing oneself, making bold decisions, and moving outside of your comfort zone. Leo season, she says, “encourages us to socialize, meet new people, and take daring risks with our identity, whereas Cancer season really had us in our shell, leaning into our intuition and mingling with largely our family and chosen family.”

Since Leo or  singh rashi 2022 is the only sign that is controlled by the Sun, this time of year is ideal for the largest star in our sky to shine both literally and figuratively. It’s a time of year when the solar principles of creativity and vitality are at their peak. Don’t be hesitant to put yourself out there because Leo season is also a period for making unexpected adjustments. This month’s new moon will be accompanied by Mercury conjunct Uranus, emphasizing unexpected opportunities as well.

Mercury will exit Leo and enter Virgo during the midpoint of the Leo season, making us all place greater emphasis on lucid and effective communication. And on August8, when the Lion’s Gate portal opens, we’ll have an additional chance to use the portal’s amplified energy to achieve our goals.

Leo Horoscope 2022:

Your Leo career horoscope 2022 appears to be fiery, much like the flamboyant Leo you are. The year 2022 will offer you a lot of changes. Setting a financial goal could be in your plans, especially if it entails making a purchase you’ve been eyeing. You are experiencing a change in your career, Leo. On July 5, fiery Mars will move into Taurus, inspiring you to surpass goals and set new ones. The only negative is that it’s possible that you won’t realize how it will appear until the end of the month. When the Capricorn full moon occurs on July13, it could be a good idea to keep any extra money in your budget. Hold off purchasing anything until you locate something that embodies your premium preferences!

Leo love horoscope 2022 is not surprising as well, as Love is constantly on your mind because you’re the lovely and romantic Leo that you are! Your zodiac sign does, after all, rule the heart chakra. Especially if such interactions involve family or close loved ones, you might feel this month like putting extra effort into your private relationships.

How to deal with the energy of the Leo season:

Leos are known for their steadiness, constancy, work ethic, and bravery, which are qualities that make them such outstanding people. Our astrology experts advise that this is a fantastic moment to work with your solar plexus chakra and manifest. Use intentions or, alternatively, purchase crystals that operate with the solar plexus while working with this energy.

Particularly during this season when leo season energy is  significantly more potent than at any other time of year, these five crystals will assist Leo in finding emotional equilibrium and enhancing their deficiencies. Although these crystals have a specific link to Leo, it’s vital to remember that everyone can take use of their healing abilities regardless of their zodiac sign.

Pyrite – Frequently called “fool’s gold”. Pyrite has a long history of being connected to prosperity, money, and plenty. Pyrite stone benefits are various. This shimmering golden nugget is reputed to bring wealth, luck, and safety.

Pyrite gives us a sense of being complete, abundant, and never lacking because it is a stone for the solar plexus chakra. Leo loves to be the centre of attention, even in dramatic situations. Pyrite provides them with energetic defence and allays any concerns they may have about how others perceive them. To defend against EMF pollution, place pyrite close to electrical appliances. The solar plexus chakra can boost your self-assurance and sense of worth.

Sunstone – Sunstone is regarded as a stone of luck and wealth because it emanates happiness, enthusiasm, and life. All of the chakras in the energy body, notably the sacral chakra, are supercharged by its high vibrational energies.

Due to its close ties to the Sun, which is Leo’s planetary ruler, it is one of the greatest stones for the sign. Leos are typically self-assured, yet they struggle to accept criticism and battle self-doubt. Sunstone lessens Leo’s doubts or self-doubt while enhancing their bravery and innate leadership abilities.

Carnelian – Carnelian is a symbol of vigour, strength, and leadership. Carnelian benefits enormously when worn rightly. The three lower chakras are influenced by its strong energy, which helps to inspire motivation, encourage courage, and foster creativity.

It is thought to physically boost metabolism, maintain reproductive organ health, and encourage conception. Carnelian enhances Leo’s self-assured and energetic nature, lessens their inflated ego, and encourages a harmonious balance between confidence and modesty.

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