Lineology: Helping people find Answers for Life – Interview with the Founder Richa Bajaj


Lineology: Helping people find Answers for Life – Interview with the Founder Richa Bajaj

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In this insightful MysticMag interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Richa Bajaj, the founder of Lineology, a platform that aims to guide individuals seeking answers in life through astrology, healing, Vaastu, and spiritual solutions. Richa shares the fascinating story of how Lineology came to be, the range of services they offer, including life readings, healings, Vaastu consultations, and spiritual solutions, and their commitment to empowering individuals on their spiritual path. Learn more down below.

How Lineology started and how you got the idea or concept of the business?

During my school years, a stranger introduced me to palmistry, but I was not convinced that reading palm lines could foretell the future. As a teenager, I wanted to disprove everything. As time went on, I came to understand that palmistry was a vast discipline that had the capacity to empower people, but it required in-depth investigation and study.

Driven by my growing interest and passion, I began connecting with like-minded people, including a few scientists, who shared the same curiosity. Lineology was founded as a result of our collective decision to create a fraternity of people committed to furthering this ancient science. When we started Lineology, we realised that it was difficult for customers to tell the difference between quacks and real experts in the industry. Moreover, we noticed that people were seeking solutions beyond traditional services.

The goal of Lineology is to guide people who are looking for answers in life. We understand that life can be complex and uncertain, and people often seek guidance and insight to make informed decisions.

Lineology is not just about predicting the future; it is about empowering individuals to shape their own destinies.

What Services do you offer?

At Lineology, we provide a wide range of services focused on four key areas:

  • Life Readings;
  • Healings;
  • Vaastu;
  • Spiritual Solutions.
  1. Life Readings

India is a land of ancient mysticism and rich cultural heritage. Historically, India has given birth to great healers, and spiritual figures who have provided various approaches to help us find answers within.

We have forgotten the inherent powers and wisdom that lie deep within ourselves. Instead, we search for answers elsewhere, unaware that we already possess the innate knowledge and understanding of nature and the human body. This knowledge has been embedded in us over a long period of time, handed down through generations. Through Lineology, people can rediscover their inner strength and wisdom. By acknowledging the fundamental truths at the core of both Western and ancient Indian mysticism, we bridge the differences. Lineology offers a comprehensive method for empowering oneself by integrating the teachings of ancient gurus as well as Western mysticism.

  1. Healing

While we often focus on cleansing our physical bodies, how do we cleanse our inner being – the mind, emotions, and behavioural patterns? At Lineology, we recognize the importance of inner healing and offer various methods to facilitate this transformative process. Let’s explore three primary modalities we focus on:

  • Pranic Healing – A powerful practice to balance and harmonise the energy centres, in our subtle body;
  • Past Life Regression – A highly effective therapeutic approach that focuses on past lives in order to address current issues and foster healing;
  • Hypnotherapy – A therapeutic technique that uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and facilitate positive changes;
  • Reiki for Expecting Moms – Motherhood is a sacred journey full of transformations. Lineology offers specialised Reiki therapy for mothers in recognition of their distinct needs.

Life is, as they say, a journey that may be untamed, enigmatic, and occasionally overpowering. And the way we think shapes where we are going and what will happen in the future. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a GPS or someone to guide through this experience? Consider Lineology to be that person. Lineology helps find answers for life!

Discover a fascinating world of energy healing and rejuvenation through our Pranic Healing workshop with the corporates. Watch our captivating video, which provides a glimpse into the incredible journey of healing and revitalization.

Click here to watch the video:

  1. Vaastu

Vaastu Shastra, is an ancient Indian architectural science. It is deeply based on the notion that physical spaces and design have a direct influence on the flow of energy, or prana. Vaastu works to create environments that resonate with good vibrations by balancing the laws of nature, cosmic energy, and the elements. Lineology offers Vaastu services that help individuals harness positive energies, and enhance overall well-being.

  1. Spiritual Solutions

Crystals, are a powerful gift from nature & have been revered for ages as conduits of healing and spiritual energy. Lineology provides individualised solutions that are catered to particular demands. We are aware that every person’s journey, struggles, and objectives are distinctive. Thus, we make crystal solutions that are specifically tailored to individual demands.

Our crystals come from reliable partners who handpick crystals from nature’s direct source. They place a high value on quality and authenticity. Each crystal is carefully chosen by us to guarantee its purity and power.

We encourage the user to purify and activate the crystal as per the ancient processes. For more visit

Can you tell us more about Vaastu shastra specifically and the services you provide that are related to it?

Vaastu, a science of balancing spaces, creates peaceful surroundings. What sets Indian Vaastu apart is its profound understanding of the intricate energy connections within a space.

Indian Vaastu is rooted in the belief that our physical surroundings are not mere structures but living entities that pulsate with energy. It acknowledges that every object, every element within a space emits vibrations that can profoundly impact our well-being. By harnessing this energy and aligning it with the natural and cosmic forces, Indian Vaastu aims to create spaces that resonate with positive vibrations.

The fundamental idea behind Indian Vaastu is to create a harmonious relationship between the individual and their surroundings. We are all interconnected in the cosmos, it is important to create spaces in which energy can move freely.

Lineology understands what modern life demands. That’s why we have designed our Vaastu consultations to be easily accessible. To start the procedure, we ask for the following information:

1. The goals behind energy correction & Bread earners and others’ DOB;

2. Visuals of the space and its various directions & a pre-recorded video of the space (home, office, commercial, others) ;

3. Vaastu experts then assess the directions and prepare a plan as per the goal;

4. A live video call to discuss the realistic achievable goals and road map and suggestions on energy corrections with minimalism. Absolutely small doable change and practises of purification and activating energy of the space. For more visit

On your website, people can also find different products, like crystals or Fengshui items. What else is on offer and is there a special meaning behind each item offered?

We believe every handpicked piece; we offer has a specific meaning and the power to change people’s lives. Beyond crystals and Feng Shui as solutions, we have a wide array of spiritual solutions to assist people on their spiritual path. Each item has been carefully chosen to encourage, uplift, and strengthen the goal that is desired. At Lineology, we firmly believe in the transformative power of these objects and their divine energy conduits. They remind us of our inner fortitude.

Something that we would like to highlight as a business is Reiki Healing for Motherhood.

We have introduced “Reiki for healthy maternity”. Pregnancy is a noble stage yet a ‘NO-Pill Stage’. To top it, delayed marriages have led to delayed pregnancies which causes concerns in women’s health during maternity – such as back/leg pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, discomforts, and much more. Reiki, a Japanese healing mechanism, has been renowned for its remarkable benefits during maternity. A holistic and individualized approach to prenatal care is what we intend to offer you. Maternity hospitals across the US, India, and many other countries are adopting the practice.  Do watch the video to know more about Reiki Healing for Motherhood: HYPERLINK

What makes Lineology Private Limited different from hundreds of other Spiritual Services providers?

The goal of Lineology as a brand is to add value by providing a holistic spirituality platform with individualised one-on-one service. When it comes to providing answers to important existential concerns, we adhere to the “No Automation Policy.”

Our experts are well-trained and meet the needs of both Indian and worldwide audiences.

The simplicity at Lineology comes from the way we operate. You only need to express your concern or ask a question. No judgments, just genuine astrological, psychic, and healing therapies that go beyond therapeutic.

What is in store for the company going forward, what can we expect in the future?

At Lineology, our primary focus is to ensure 100% customer delight. True growth is when the global becomes local and vice-versa. Indian predictive & healing sciences are well known. We aim to introduce worldwide sciences like tasseography, coffee cup reading, i-ching, etc. to India. This will make us the Amazon of “Spiritual Sciences.”

Our goal is to introduce a variety of dialects in order to give customers more comfort and assurance. Ultimately, individuals need assistance with, everyday challenges. Being colloquial would be really valuable.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and technology to enhance our service offerings and delivery. As we continue to grow, our vision is to become an omnichannel service provider, reaching individuals across the globe and assisting them in finding answers for life’s most pressing questions.

•        What astrological query should I put forth? What kinds of questions should be asked?

Richa Bajaj: Astrology is a vast field that offers insights into various aspects of life, and people often find themselves unsure about what questions they should ask. Asking detailed, meaningful questions is important when seeking astrological advice in order to receive precise, practical responses. Here are some examples of astrology-related questions to get you started:

Personal Life and Relationships:

•        What should my ideal life partner hold?

•        Will I make amends with a former partner?

Personal Development and Spirituality:

•        How can I align with my life’s purpose and what is it?

•        How can I practice mindfulness, pleasure, and inner peace?

Future Prospects and Important Life Events:

•        What significant life events should I expect in the upcoming years?

•        Will I have the chance to relocate or travel in the future?

You can also see what our customers have to say:

When seeking astrology-based guidance, it is important to ask questions that resonate with your personal journey and goals. The more specific and focused your questions are, the more precise and insightful the astrological guidance can be.

How can people stay up to date with Lineology?

They can download the #Lineology app:



They can also visit our website at and check some of our customers’ testimonials on Youtube:

They can also follow us on social media:




For more information on how to use the Lineology app and its features, they can check out these videos:



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