Lineology – Your Guide for Life’s Critical Questions

Your Life guide for Critical Questions
Guide for life questions

Lineology – Your Guide for Life’s Critical Questions


The law of nature is clear and straight, ‘those who are fit will survive’. But how it decides fitness is not known to all. Since humans are the most developed and advanced species, we always want to know and control everything. However, controlling your life completely is not possible. But if you get valuable life guidance, make positive and impactful decisions easier.

In ancient times, when people were closely connected with nature, they were able to identify its signs and symbols. And thus were able to make a guided decision. However, in today’s fast-paced life, the connection with natural forces is lost or very weak. Now we are more confused than ever and this reflects how we are handling our lives today. Most of us are full of doubts, whether it’s a relationship or career, business or family, or anything. The way life is running, we often crave a good guide who can reassure us that path is right or at least give us an insight into the possible hurdles we may face.

If that’s how you feel more often, then Lineology can help you. With a very simplified process that includes a few steps from asking a question to receiving guidance, Lineology is all about genuine astrology and psychic sciences.




Why Do You Need Lineology?


#1. Because we have handpicked  ‘life guides’ and not just ‘future forecasters’


There is a difference between ‘future teller’ and a ‘psychic guide’. If you need guidance to make your life better and blissful, then Lineology can help you.


And believe us, asking for guidance or help never means you are weak. Rather, it shows your promptness to make things better. You might have certain limitations as a human and the possibility of overlooking important information is higher in the general case.


Because you are in a situation, you might not be able to see a different view of your problem. There you need a psychic who can broaden your vision and help you gain the control to get out of the mess.


Moreover, asking for guidance right on time is best to lift away emotional baggage and to have a more concentrated approach.


And yes, you will find answers to questions like whether to switch jobs or to stay in a relationship, but they won’t tell you the name of your next company or the series in which things will fall in place for your relationship.

Lineology can plant a seed for you and guide you on how to nurture it but it is ultimately you who will take care of it.


#2. Because we ‘customized’ and not ‘automate’


Are you the one who gets up in the morning and check the daily future forecast in the newspaper before starting your day? Well, that’s one common thing that millions of us do. And this instinct of being aware of the future is pretty natural. But these automated daily forecasts whether on paper, on emails, or through certain apps more often only clutter the minds with more negative thoughts.


And since we are no ‘fortune tellers’, we do not bother people every day. Instead, we provide specialized and customized solutions to your query, and that too with a very fast response time. The psychics in the Lineology panel are internationally acclaimed for their expertise.


#3. We are confident about the readings and give you access of the reading for a year


Lineology is one of a kind psychic guidance platform with over 80 clairvoyant readers. And while others might provide you a list of star-rated options to choose from, we handpick the most suitable reader for you to ensure your question is well answered.


You get a message right when our experts upload the answer. You can listen to the video or read the answer. Moreover, we give you access to the reading for a year just in case you need to refer to anything in the future.


How Lineology Works?


As we said, it’s simple and quick. Just download the Lineology app from Google Play or Apple Store. When installed, create your account at Lineology and follow the steps. Since we have 8 sciences, you can choose the most suitable one. Next is to write your question, upload your image and make the payment.


You will get a message as soon as the expert will upload the answer video. Just log in and listen to the reply.


Still curious about Lineology? You can email us at or connect with us at +91- 8310966792 We are always here to help you.


So what are you waiting for? Explore now the key to a clear vision and a more settled state of being yourself, sign up at Lineology.



It’s Science Not Superstition


As we have mentioned before, nature has its forces and energies that drive every being. From the celestial movements of planets and stars to the unseen changes in our body, everything affects us in some other manner. However, we are not able to see or feel these changes, thus falling apart in times of hardship. 


Since the experts at Lineology have heightened their perspective perceptive abilities, they have a clearer vision to guide you. And while many of you think it’s superstitious, it is pure science. 

For example, in astrology, it is the position of stars and planets at the time of birth that determines our character and personality. And though no two persons are the same, it is easy to find a lot of common things amongst people from the same sun sign or moon sign. The same is with other forms of psychic readings such as tarot cards, palmistry, dream analysis, and more.


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