Mars & Ketu Conjunction – Bad Or Good? Here’s The Answer!

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Mars & Ketu Conjunction – Bad Or Good? Here’s The Answer!

Mars And Ketu Conjunction 

When Mars and Ketu are in Conjunction extreme energy gets involved. Both are fiery in nature and can make individuals  realize their own capacity  for competition and desirability for materialistic things. These two planet conjunction may thrive to gain more knowledge.

On the other hand, the conjunction of planet  Mangal and ketu can bring destruction, anger, violence and serious health issues such as back pain and nerves related problems. It could also make you impulsive and indecisive in making important decisions in your life.

Mars in nature

  • Mars is the most energetic and aggressive planet in  nature. They are action driven and could express their personality and behavior with anger and aggression. Placement of mars in zodiac signs brings an opportunity of growth and prosperity with lots of mistakes and learning.
  • Mars reflects one’s physical strength and as the zodiac sign influenced by the planet Mars possesses influential qualities which makes other people to follow them.
  • On the flip side if you might be aware that Mars also brings rage, temperance and indecisiveness. Influence of Mars can affect their true nature and potential.

Ketu in nature

  • Ketu is a headless  body which  predominantly influences Mars and comes with wrong judgment, self negativity, isolation, injury, separation, wars and revolutions.
  • Astrologically Ketu and Rahu are a pair that have the ability to influence the masses. While Ketu is the source of technology, Rahu represents the powerful group who uses technology to influence the masses.
  • Ketu also liberates you,connects with spirituality and helps you to abandon materialism and indicate towards self realization. Ketu is called a terminator or death planet which brings things to an end. 
  • If you  can master the force of Ketu and benefit from it then your perception and creativity can grow stronger than before.

Effects of Mars and Ketu Conjunction:


  1. Mars and Rahu are opposite to each other.  The only common thing between them is the fire element. The effect of Rahu controls Mars aggression and behavior.
  2. This conjunction usually makes people more competitive and desire ambition, self relasstiona and aloofness from the close one. The person will be a hardworking and physically and emotionally controlling person.\
  3. Ketu desires aloofness, spirituality and sacrifices whereas the impact of Rahu makes Mars desire all the physical entities desire.
  4. As Ketu and Mars both reflect aggression and frustration. When something hurts the person the conjunction makes the person go crazy and do things which will make no sense if they are calm and in their senses.
  5. Rahu and Ketu both bring clashes for Mars asone makes them crave more for the things over and over again whereas Ketu doesn’t want to settle for things so easily.
  6. Mars is a ruling planet for Aries and Scorpio that is the reason you might have seen a person possess all the qualities of Planet Mars.
  7. When Ketu doesn’t want Mars to settle then certain fights, affairs, conflicts and arguments can be seen around.
  8. Mars has its own house i.e Aries and Scoripo. Mars Mahadasha lasts for 7 years, and makes the person feel energetic and conjunction with Ketu drives one towards carefree nature and lets go off responsibility.
  9. Mars plays an important role for marriage, you might be aware about the manglik dosh and the placement of planets on different houses such as 1st, 4th,7th and 12th houses.
  10. Mars and Ketu conjunction is also known as Pishacha Yoga. Mars and Ketu bring out severe problems and destructive behavior.

Mars and Ketu in Male chart.

If you see the conjunction of Mars and Ketu in male, the person might suffer from separation, legal issues, fights and arguments with his own family and will.

Mars and Ketu in Female Chart

If a conjunction is seen in Female, she might face disturbance in her marriage, relationship or career. She could face legal issues in ongoing business relationships. And will struggle a lot to make things work.

Mars and Ketu conjunction in 1st house.

  1. Mars in the first house represents the physical characteristics of native. If Mars is your ruling planet when you were born it could easily describe why, when and how you are with people.
  2. The native is more inclined towards physical activity such as hiking, football, trekking and fitness. People might misunderstand them as aggressive and competitive beings.
  3. But If they are able to work and channelize their quality driven by Mars they can achieve more success in life sooner.

Mars and Ketu in the 2nd  House.

  1. When Conjunction occurs in the 2nd house. It causes minor health issues such as issues in eyesight, skin burn, body heat, blood pressure or issues related with hemoglobin.
  2. Native need to be very careful with accidents and health. As it could cause them serious issues.

Mars and Ketu in the 4th house.

  1. Mars and ketu conjunction in 3rd house can create issues which can cause death or serious health issues.
  2. Native may face seperation with their sibling and minor disputes could lead to misunderstanding and fights.

Mars and Ketu in 7th house

  1. When Mars takes place in the 7th house it is known as kaam kona. It increases sexual desire in native.
  2. Mars and Ketu Conjunction leads to extramarital affairs.
  3. You might be aware about Malik dosh. When a person mary malik there is a slight chance that person might face mental or physical dissatisfaction with their partner.

Mars and Ketu in 10th house

  1. 10 houses represent your career path and professional life. Mars and Ketu conjunction transform your path in a challenging way. As you might face excessive rush in your life at the moment due to its conjunction.
  2. If one could manage the pressure and tackle obstacles easily they can see growth and stability in their professional life
  3. The presence of Ketu might affect the dissatisfaction in your professional life.

Mars and ketu in 12 th House

  1. 12th House is a house of Losses, expenses, isolated places. When the Mars and ketu conjunction takes place in this house you need to put double effort to make things your way.
  2. As the reasons for the loss, sepeations, accident and job risk could be anything. You might hear the communication is weak. You are facing challenges in counteraction and procrastinating. You can use green Aventine to make your focus and luck strong at that point.

 Mars and Ketu Conjunction remedies.

  1. Worship lord Kartikeya and Ganesha every day to balance out your Pita dosha.
  2. Worship Lord Hanuman every day to make your Mars influence stronger and utilize it to build strength and power and Spirituality.
  3. Donate things to poor and needy people.
  4. Connect with spirituality and the universe.
  5. Wear crystal which will help you lessen the effect of conjunction.

If you feel you are facing issues and you are not able to decide why it is so, you need to check your planet. To see which planet is affecting your career, relationship or financial situation.

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  • Nishant Reply

    Which placement can cause back pain is it the first house or 7th house

    December 15, 2022 at 6:40 pm
    • lineology_admin Reply

      The sixth house refers to the back of the body. In the 6th house is the area of back and neck pain. If the effects of Venus, Jupiter or Saturn grow stronger in your chart, then you might develop back pain. The planet Saturn (Shani) and sometimes Ketu in 8th house can cause more problems for people with back issues.

      December 21, 2022 at 6:33 pm


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