Meaning of past life regression Therapy? How does it work?

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Meaning of past life regression Therapy? How does it work?

Past life regression is the use of hypnosis to retrieve memories from prior incarnations. It has been claimed that the memories can sometimes be reflected in dreams, hypnotic states, and near-death encounters. According to past life regression therapists, numerous mental health conditions that people experience may have their roots in traumatic previous-life events.

This article explains past life regression and how it might be beneficial for patients receiving therapy. When receiving past life regression therapy, many patients enjoy reflecting on their former experiences and understanding why particular events in their lives have left them feeling
the way they do. The ability to express themselves in this way might help people understand themselves better, which can make huge changes in their lives.

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How Does Past Life Regression Work?

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More than a few sessions are often required for past life regression therapy. During this type of treatment, people frequently remember facts from their past that they had previously forgotten. Many people who have gone through this report that it may be a liberating experience to genuinely learn new things about themselves and understand why they may have been feeling or acting the way they have.

Let’s now talk about how past-life therapy functions.

     Establish a connection by talking about the therapy’s objectives with your specialists. This aids the therapists in understanding the patient’s current condition.

     The therapist will then use deep breathing exercises or visualization techniques to assist you in relaxing.

     The therapist will inquire about your previous lives once you’ve settled down. Since this is hypnotic regression therapy, the therapist will assist you in travelling in the past to recall your previous incarnations.

·     Once it is over the therapist will assist you in processing it and incorporating it into your present-day life. This enables you to go on with your present, thus comprehending and resolving your past.

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Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy :

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There are various benefits to past-life regression therapy. Even if the advantages take time to manifest, it is frequently considered a worthwhile endeavour to attempt at least once. Attending past-life regression session has numerous advantages, which includes:

  •     Finding Your Life’s Purpose:

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Having a fulfilling life is possible, but it’s lot easier to say than to actually do. Past life regression treatment may be an option if you’re unsure of your calling. This kind of treatment can assist you in discovering any unsolved problems from past lives that are preventing you from moving forward in life.

  • ·       Helps Heal Traumas:

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Regression therapy’s fundamental and main goal is to aid in the healing of patients’ traumas. Even years after the tragedy, some people are unable to move over their traumas. However, with the help of regression therapy, people are able to confront and overcome with their fears.

  •       Release fears and Anxieties:

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Regression therapy might assist you in getting rid of any hidden fears or anxiety. Because of your fears, you might feel stuck in life and be unable to reach your full potential. Through past life therapy, you can get rid of your worries and fears, live life to the fullest.

  •     Improve Relationships:

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To enhance their current relationships, people frequently seek out regression therapy. You might discover, for instance, that despite your attraction to someone, there is perpetual tension between you two. Maybe you were once enemies with this person. You can make room for a happier and more satisfying relationship in this lifetime by settling the problems from the past life.


To sum up, past life regression therapy is a very powerful technique that can assist you in connecting with your higher self, healing past traumas, and letting go of old wounds.

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