Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Unique Precious Stones to gift this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Unique Precious Stones to gift this Mother’s Day

Mothers are real life queens without crowns. She strives to give you the best. With Mother’s day approaching quickly there’s only a week left to find her the ideal gift. Moms are unique individuals who deserve to be adored and indulged. Every day of the year should be commemorated, but Mother’s Day is one of those instances where it may be made especially special. With the prevalence of stress and anxiety on the rise, it’s more vital than ever to look after yourself and those around you. Motherhood is said to be one of the most difficult and rewarding jobs in the world.

However, one day is insufficient to express our gratitude for all of her love and efforts. They do so much for us that we aren’t even aware of it. So the very least we can do is pay tribute to them whenever we have the opportunity. Allow your mother to rest this Mother’s Day, away from the chaos. This Mother’s Day, instead of the typical greeting cards and scented candles, give her something special to communicate your love, appreciation, and gratitude, such as valuable stones (which are rare, precious, and beautiful in their own way).

Here at Lineology, we provide beautiful products from Rose Quartz to Amethyst to Guasha. Given below are some super precious stones you can pick for your mom.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful healing stone. It has been widely used for centuries. In ancient Egypt, Roman women used rose quartz face masks to get clear, glowing skin and to prevent wrinkles. Rose quartz is a pale pink stone, and today it is used as jewellery, decoration, or for healing purposes.

Healing properties

Today, rose quartz is commonly used for healing purposes and is also known as the “stone of unconditional love.” It emits a strong vibration of love, joy, and emotional healing. It is soft, gentle, and pale pink, an indication of its commonly known property, pure love. It embodies strong healing qualities, both for physical and emotional health.


  • Heal relationship problems – If you’re having relationship issues with your partner or someone close to you, rose quartz can help you heal from all of your difficulties while also bringing you and your lover closer together.
  • Promotes mutual understanding – Rose quartz is also known for its ability to clear up misunderstandings. It aids relaxation, and when you relax, you are more likely to think favourably, resulting in equal understanding.


It also boosts feelings of peace, calm and self-love. Thus, a perfect piece of gift with all of the health and beauty benefits. A perfect stone to help you relax after a tiring day.


Clear Quartz


Clear quartz, also known as crystal quartz, is a mineral made of oxygen and silicon atoms. It is known to have high vibrations. Clear quartz is transparent and clear white in colour. Clear quartz is mainly known for its healing properties and spiritual growth. Clear quartz is an abundant mineral found from Arkansas to Brazil and on the shores of Madagascar.


Clear quartz is one of the purest and it is considered to be a light bringer. It is an amazing amplifying stone (meaning, whatever you pour into it, it will return to you tenfold).


Healing Properties

This crystal is known to be a “master healer’ as it tends to amplify energy and thoughts. Crystal stones are known to


  • Draw off negative energies – Negative energy is harmful to our health. It causes anxiety in our minds. However, bad energies are known to be cleared by a crystal quartz.
  • It helps neutralize any background radiation
  • It helps you revitalize your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual planes
  • Enhance physical abilities, aid concentration, and improves memory – The master healer crystal quartz is known for supporting the entire energetic system. As a result, all of your bodily and emotional requirements will be met.
  • Clear quartz is a perfect healing tool for your mother as it helps deeply at the spiritual level.




Amethyst is a precious gemstone with a beautiful violet colour. The amethyst gemstone has been considered a powerful substitute for blue sapphire. Amethyst was taken from the Greek words “A” meaning “not” and “methustos” meaning ‘intoxicated”. When worn, This gemstone makes you feel calm and composed. During ancient Rome, amethyst was considered a protector. It is also known for its healing properties.


Benefits of Amethyst


  • Sudden financial growth – If you’re having financial difficulties, amethyst is the stone for you. Amethyst is thought to aid in financial development.
  • Meaningful romantic relationships – Nowadays, partnerships can be perplexing. However, wearing amethyst can assist you in finding the ideal mate for long-term and meaningful partnerships.
  • Helps strengthen spirituality, intuitive power, and have a clear profound thought process.
  • Heals depression, headache, grief, and insomnia.


If amethyst is the gemstone you are looking for, then this can be the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones too.


Lapis Lazuli


Lapis lazuli is a valuable deep blue gemstone. This gemstone signifies truth, inner awareness, and wisdom. Lapis is derived from the Latin word ‘lapis’ meaning ‘stone’ and “lazuli”, taken from the mediaeval Latin word “lazulum”. This gemstone is mostly found in Afghanistan, Chile, Argentina, and Russia.


This blue gemstone has many benefits when worn.

  • It allows the person to express themselves and communicate freely – We are sometimes unable to communicate openly, which diminishes our self-confidence and makes us fearful of the consequences. However, lapis lazuli is a stone that might help you regain your confidence.
  • It helps aggressive people calm down.
  • Protection from psychic attacks – Because psychic attacks cause fear in many of us, resulting in mental stress, lapis lazuli is a valuable stone that can protect us from psychic attacks.
  • It helps in creating harmonious relationships and is also an excellent stone for friendship.
  • enhances focus and reduces insecurity and anxiety – We all lose attention from time to time owing to anxiety or other forms of stress. Lapis lazuli might assist you in getting back on track and regaining your attention.

Henceforth lapis lazuli is a perfect gemstone to be worn by any person.



Moonstone Tumble_LineologyGlobal

Moonstone is a newly discovered precious gemstone. It is widely known for its soothing properties, which provide calmness, peace, and balance in life. Moonstones are available in many colours, like cat’s eye, grey, white, peach, rainbow, and blue. It inculcates energy in the individual and ignites positive energy.


This stone is considered to be the master healer for women. Mainly the symbol of fertility.


  • Helps regain inner balance – The most important thing we should consider is our health. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. As a result, moonstones are thought to promote a more stable interior environment within our bodies.
  • Self-healing
  • Helps in spiritual growth – With today’s frantic lifestyle, we often forget to search within ourselves for our spiritual needs and progress, yet moonstones can assist us in this endeavor.
  • Helps reunite lost lovers
  • Treats insomnia – It affects all of us in some way. Due to our busy and hectic schedules, we are unable to sleep adequately. Moonstones, on the other hand, are believed to offer therapeutic characteristics that can aid in the removal of insomnia.
  • Encourages sleep and also helps to treat sleepwalking
  • It also helps balance the hormones cycle – The menstrual cycle is intricately controlled by numerous glands, and we produce numerous hormones. Moonstones, on the other hand, are known to be the master healer for ladies.
  • Enhance growth in business – If you’ve experienced a horrible loss in your business and haven’t been able to recover your losses, moonstones can aid. Ensuring your company’s long-term success

A perfect gift with many benefits.


Guasha is a trending beauty tool right now, but guasha has been used for centuries. It was used to massage and scrape skin. This helps improve circulation, brighten, tone, and even tighten your face. Most importantly, it helps prevent the signs of aging.

Benefits of using Guasha

  • Helps brighten your skin appearance – With our hectic lives, we’ve all lost sight of time. We don’t have time to take care of our skin, but guasha can help you get a healthy glow.
  • Helps boosts health and wellness – Guasha can aid in improving health by addressing symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, exhaustion, and irregular periods.
  • Helps improve lymphatic drainage – Lymphatic drainage massage is another name for it. The use of guasha can aid in the reduction of edoema.
  • boosts absorption on your other skin products

Still confused about your gifts? Choosing the right kind of guasaha stone is completely personal. Rose quartz guasha is a calming stone. It heals damaged, dead skin. It is the perfect beauty gift for this mother’s day. Pamper her with this amazing beauty product.

To make it easier, we have also come up with an option to gift according to zodiac signs. Given below is a guide to help you gift perfect birthstones according to the zodiac signs.

Birthstones by Astrological Sign


Astrological Sign Dates Birthstones
Aquarius Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 Garnet for wealth and prosperity
Pisces Feb. 20 to march 20 Amethyst for calmness and rejuvenation
Aries March 21 to April 20 Red coral, helps in overcoming fear and boost self-esteem
Taurus Apr 21 to may 21 Emerald, it channels energies
Gemini May 22 to June 21 Agate or pearl, balances and enhance stability
Cancer Jun 22 to July 22 Moonstone, helps in spiritual growth
Leo Jul 23 to Aug 22 Onyx for strength and calm
Virgo Aug 23 to Sep 23 Sapphire, helps bring positivity in life
Libra Sep 24 to Oct 23 Opal, prevent negativity related to personal relationships
Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22 Topaz, for strength and intelligence
Sagitarius Nov 23 to Dec 21 Turquoise, improves relationships as it boost understanding between partners
Capricon Dec 22 to Jan 20 Ruby for protection and vitality


Before purchasing your birthstones, consult an astrologer. At Lineology, we have a huge assortment of gemstones. For additional information, please contact us at or download our app from the Google Play and App Store. There are a plethora of websites that sell precious stones. The simplest way to tell if it’s genuine is to compare its glitter and shine to that of synthetic stones, as well as the weight of the gems. However, at Lineology, we provide the greatest and most genuine stones on the market, all of which have practical benefits for you.


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