Planetary Astrology: Planets That Can Get You BOOM on Your Career


Planetary Astrology: Planets That Can Get You BOOM on Your Career

What planet affects your career?

Planets play an important role in our life. The position of planets decides the loss and harms we can face during our life course. Ancient astrologers believe the planet’s movement into different houses and signs represents the will of the god and their placement affects humans’ life on a day-to-day basis. The influence of the planet depends upon the time of your birth.

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On the contrary Modern Astrologers suggest each planet represents and can make you experience a change in energy flows when these movements take place. This is the reason you can see calm signs behave furious such as when any planet enters Aries or Transit takes place with Planet Mars.

Jupiter is called” Guru” in the Hindi Language. Guru means teacher or preacher. Positioning Jupiter in our horoscope is good for career growth. When Jupiter is in a favorable potion the native easily gets opinions, ways, and guidance.

Jupiter is also responsible for growth & increment. And the growth of daily life related to children. If you see your native get income gains, and progress, it is because of Jupiter’s favorable position.

Jupiter influences Zodiacs Signs:

Pisces is the zodiac sign of Jupiter which is placed in the 2nd house of horoscopes. Another zodiac sign of Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is placed in the Ninth House of  Horoscope.

Native who are affected by planet Jupiter is happy in life. They are serious-natured and deep thinkers. They focus on life and attainment of materialistic as well as spiritual goals of life. They are fair in color due to the effect of Jupiter. They are treasures of knowledge and many disciples come to them for knowledge and enlightenment. These people are simple and have a down-to-earth approach.

Due to the effect of Jupiter, these people get respect in society. Also, these natives may have hidden enemies who can stab from the back.

Jupiter is placed in the twelfth house:

  1. This house determines native expenses (more or less), places of expense, poverty, sinfulness, losses, etc. This house also tells the ratio between earnings and expenditure.
  2. The native’s foreign tours when, why, how many, benefit from them, and probability of staying abroad are also determined by this house.
  3. This house tells whether the native is wiser or spends thrift.
  4. The causative planet of this house is Saturn.
  5. Saturn is also a malicious planet; it acts as a benefactor and when placed in the 10th house. It is one of the planets responsible for career growth.

Saturn’s sign Capricorn is situated in the tenth house of the natural horoscope. Tenth house is related to profession and service. Saturn is a slow planet so it performs slow work. Saturn is known for its utmost perfection and knowledge. Saturn is the cause of depth and research.

When natives perform Karma well. If Saturn is placed well in the horoscope, then the native gets benefits from all the above places.

Saturn is placed in Tenth house:

Saturn is called a cruel and angry planet but this is a misconception. Its natives are also considered to be short tempered and cruel. This Is not true.

  1. The tenth house witnesses the native’s deeds, his business or his designation. The height of success and governance can be determined through the tenth house.
  2. Aries, Taurus and Leo zodiac signs are most causative in this house.
  3. Saturn gives a stable career for 36 years if placed in the 10th house.
  4. Tenth house governs your increments, job change and financial growth in the coming days.
  5. Saturn usually corresponds to Capricorn and this native have the tendency of being workaholic with high ambitions and leadership qualities.

Apart from Saturn, Jupiter, and the 10th house, all planets have an influence on growing your career. One needs to know which career compliments you according to your birth chart.
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