Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing

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If you are experiencing difficulty in your life, due to negative feelings, aura cleansing meditation can help you get back in touch with the positive energy. Being exposed to negative vibrations from external sources, such as; people in your home, work, or the media, can become very draining. This purest aura cleansing chakra meditation will assist you in removing any residual negative energy that you have absorbed, so that you can raise your spiritual vibration, to connect with thoughts and feelings that are much more positive for you.

We offer an aura reading online that helps you to cleanse yourself from negative energy. Our facilitator will help you to raise your spiritual vibration so that you can connect with thoughts and feelings of ease and positivity.

There are many practices to try when it comes to spiritual self-care, including aura cleansing. We share some rituals to cleanse your aura and keep you feeling good.

What is aura cleansing meditation?

Are you experiencing any symptoms such as constant fatigue and feeling drained of energy, irritability, anxiousness or depression that is not related to an event in your life? These are signs that it may be time to cleanse your aura.

 One of the most effective ways to cleanse your aura is to meditate. Meditation helps you stay grounded, and gives you some distance from any negative energy that comes your way.

Our aura cleansing sessions help you feel fresh, relaxed and good. Book an appointment with us today and leave the stress outside our door.

How do healing stones work?

When your aura feels out-of-sorts, whether from a negative encounter or an overwhelming day, harness the healing power of crystals to purify and strengthen your aura. We suggest working with a chunk of amethyst or green aventurine by repeating a mantra for protection and peace to infuse your intention into the crystal. Then, we suggest carrying the crystal with you in your pocket or handbag to serve as a touchstone for aura protection, especially when you feel nervous, upset, or untethered through the day.

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Live Video for 60 minutes session Price : ₹ 16520

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