Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

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We, the “LineologyGlobal  India” are providing Handwriting and Signature Analysis services in India. We are qualified Professional Graphologists and we have been practicing this field for the last 8 years. Graphology is the study & analysis of handwriting including all its characteristics and traits.

Is Size REALLY Important? An Analysis of Signature :

Signature has been used for centuries as an authentic instrument to determine or match with the name of the person. Our company consists of professional experts who will do your signature analysis and provide accurate results.

The size of a signature explains the type of personality of the signee. A small, thin and compressed signature indicates that a person is shy or self-conscious or lacks confidence; most likely to have low self esteem. While a large, commanding flowing signature with dramatically looping letters in its might represent a person who tends to be very creative, conceited and full of themselves.

Lineologyglobal offers signature analysis online sessions to help you learn all about your nature, destiny, and obstacles. Our analysts are professional and experts who will provide the best  online advice in order to guide you through difficult times.

Understanding handwriting Legibility :

A good handwriting exhibits the qualities that a human readily expresses in his dealings of life. The signature when written by a person deliberately can be considered to be the correct impression. Your signature is an expression of your personality. It identifies you, records your time and expresses your personal style and even conveys how you feel on a given day. Each time you leave a mark, you’re making a declaration to the world: This is who I am.

Your handwriting is an extension of your personality. From how you form your letters to the space you leave between words, it can be as unique as your fingerprint. The way we write can reveal more than 5,000 personality traits, according to the science of graphology. 

The world’s first personalized, real-time handwriting analysis is now available. We have provided our services to many companies and academics. If you are interested in our handwriting analysis services, please feel free to call us

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