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Welcome to live  audio/video  calling. Now, you can get a direct consultation audio call with your favorite popular new top celebrated readers for a service of the choice – Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading, Aura Scanning, Astrology, Numerology, Palm Reading, Face Reading, Handwriting Reading. Please know as our premium customer that if you want to avail a direct consultation audio call face to face with an astrologer you will be given appointments at the right time best suited for both of you.

Lineology  provides effective spiritual regression therapy treatments for anxiety, panic attacks, depression, unexplained phobias, insomnia, PTSD and other debilitating mental conditions. Our process helps to identify the root cause of issues in attempts to provide long

We’re happy to announce that we now provide live audio calling by celebrate readers as part of our Psychic Reading service. As our premium customer, you’ll be notified by phone when a renowned psychic reader will call you to conduct a live reading at the mutually convenient time. As per your request, you can choose from among different psychic readers, each with their own strengths and skills. We look forward to providing the best experience for all of your psychic and spiritual needs.

How to get a Reading over the phone | Live Audio/ video Calling:

With live audio calling, you can hear in your voice, the clarity and be part of the experience. Using this technology, you can have a consultation with your nominated astrologer face-to-face, voice in voice – Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading, Aura Scanning, Astrology, Numerology, Palm Reading, Face Reading, Handwriting Reading. To get this service on board just call us and enjoy a mini reading over phone that comes complimentary along with live audio calling.

In this new service, avail a direct consultation with a top celebrated reader of your choice. Call any one of our astrologers and avail your 15 min reading on any subject: Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading, Aura Scanning, Astrology, Numerology, Palm Reading, Face Reading, Handwriting Reading. Isn’t it exciting when a person you trust tells you about yourself? Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about yourself from this experienced reader and get answers to questions that have been plaguing you.

Lineology offers  the best Past Life Regression therapist, certified hypnotherapist, and life-between-lives regression therapist. We offers private online  sessions to clients receiving help in past life regression and spiritual regression. To learn more, visit

As a Premium Astrology Service Provider – 

we are proud to offer our valued clients, the best astrologers based on their birth details, of which we have the largest database. Choose from a variety of specializations and avail a live audio call with the best astrologer for you. Our commitment is to serve you by delivering the best talent available at this time. Please select your choice of service and we will connect you with the right astrologer. 

Would you like to speak with a psychic without leaving your home? Now you can with a live online Audio/video call. We’ve set up a direct consultation audio call service for all our premium customers. Just choose from an array of services and get connected directly with one of our celebrated, rank 1 online readers . With just a press of a button, enjoy your free consultation with an accomplished astrologer. So what’re you waiting for?Our friendly staff is available to assist with any service questions or concerns before, during, and after your experience.At Lineology , we do the work for you! Using our secure website, you can set up a personal reading and then receive it online. 

Many customers have already tried the service and they love it. Hope you get the right guidance.

For more details, you can write to us in the ‘contact us’ section in the mobile app or call us at +918310966792

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