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Are you afraid of something which is unusual for others? If you have heard about someone or found yourself in a situation that makes you instantly panic. Then past life regression therapy can help you to be in control and let you know the reason behind your fear. There are a few topmost bizarre phobias that one can have. Our psychic experts can help you overcome your unreasonable phobias. With healing, psychotherapy, and past life regression regressive therapy we can help alleviate your fears.

We have all experienced an unexplainable history of a disturbing event that causes us to question the origin and meaning of our life. Past life regression therapy leverages upon some of those revelations by taking us back in our past life to learn more about the present one we live. Past life regression therapy also known as “past life regression” or “PLR therapy” is built on the principle that we are everlasting beings that move forward and learn in human lives. As undying spirits, 

Our past life regression specialists encounters corporeal existence on Earth in a cycle of human bodies and personalities. On a spiritual level, they decide each lifetime as a method of learning the lessons set out for ourselves. Regression therapy into our past life as a means of relief from seemingly unexplained physical or mental problems is known as “Past Life Regression Therapy ”. It works hand in hand with presumptions like reincarnation.

Past life therapy works so well because it begins with finding out who you are.Many physical diseases are actually caused by unresolved traumas and emotional issues from our past lives. past life regression session is a therapy which enables the patient to delve into their subconscious mind to find the root cause of their dis-ease and then deal with it, almost like an inner journey to unlock, unpick, and reprogramme the reservoirs of their unconscious mind.Learn about your true identity, your soul purpose and how to find the path for a better future.

Past life therapy is a unique combination of hypnosis, science and spirituality. Past life therapists are trained to bring the subject into a deep hypnotic state allowing them to tap into the subconscious mind where answers can be revealed. Many subjects experience first-hand reports of their past lives, while others simply receive the emotions and feelings that they experienced. Once the emotional transformation is complete, healing often follows immediately.

Lineology is your past life regression expert. Call us for trained professionals to know yourself better and unlock mysteries of your past life. They answer all your questions on past life regression  online related complex issues like career, relationships, money, fear of heights, snakes etc. The experts are truly experienced and have helped many in finding solutions.

Once you place the appointment, our customer support team will get in touch with you to connect with a specialized hypnotherapist at the time of your convenience which will help you relax before your session. For more details you can chat with us from ‘Contact Us’ session or call at +918310966792

Live Audio for 10 minutes session Price : ₹ 1770

Live Video for 60 minutes session Price : ₹ 16520

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