Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

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  • November 23, 2020

Reiki is an energy healing technique that developed in Japan in the early twentieth century and is now widely employed in hospitals, wellness centres, and even as distant healing. Reiki is a Japanese term that means “universal life force.” It is based on the idea that all humans have energy fields, or life energies, that keep us alive.

Reiki is also extensively practised through distance healing for those who are unable to attend in person following the covid many prefer remote healing and it has become a widely practised phenomenon. The session is very powerful and ranges between 30 – 35min.

Online reiki healing sessions can be performed while lying down or while meditating. It allows the individual to feel relaxed and tranquil both mentally and physically. Though there is little scientific evidence to explain how Reiki works, studies have indicated that Reiki can have significant advantages in terms of lowering blood pressure, increasing sleep, reducing anxiety, and reducing pain.

Reiki is mostly regarded as a supplemental therapy and is widely used for pregnant women.

Why do people seek reiki healing?

Reiki healing has proven to be beneficial in a variety of ways. Many people have chosen this therapy for a variety of reasons, with their motivations impacted by physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements.

It helps promote:

  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Physical recovery and pain relief
  • Emotional and mental equilibrium
  • Spiritual growth and connection
  • Chakra alignment and energy balance

How does Reiki therapy help pregnant women?

Pregnancy is pleasant and unique in many ways, but it also brings with it transitions, changes, and physical challenges.  Such concerns can be quite stressful for pregnant women. This is when online reiki healing might come in handy for all those mothers.

Reiki is a gentle approach to restore positive energy, balance, and profound relaxation to the body, all of which pregnant women require.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki masters serve as a conduit between you and the universal life force energy source. The Reiki practitioner heals by directing positive energy via the damaged areas of the energy field. It boosts the vibratory level of the energy field as a result, the negative energy disintegrates and falls away. Reiki clears, straightens, and restores energy pathways, allowing life force to flow in a healthy and natural manner.

 Lineology’s professional Reiki masters will assist you in clearing your chakras and aura. They will eliminate any blocks of anger, fear, despair, or other negative emotions you have been experiencing.

What if you could unleash your mind’s true potential to achieve great things in life? Would you sign up for it? So many people have already benefited after discovering their true abilities. You can be the next one. After you make the appointment, our customer service staff will contact you to arrange a meeting with a specialised Reiki master at a time that is convenient for you.

Live Audio for 10 minutes session Price : ₹ 1770

Live Video for 60 minutes session Price : ₹ 16520

For additional information, please contact us via the ‘contact us’ session or call +918310966792.

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