Black Tourmaline can be regarded as the perfect stone to deal with negative energy. The enormity of Black Tourmaline is judged by its ability to bring in self-confidence and hush away depressing thoughts. One can get rid of old habits turning toxic by wearing Black Tourmaline as a pendant or a ring. It uses its incredible frequencies to transform all negativity into pure and positive energy.
With its origin connected to the dense jungles of Brazil’s Amazon, Black Tourmaline is also found in the towering mountains that divide Pakistan. Interestingly, the first piece of Black Tourmaline was spotted in the year 1400, tucked in Saxony, Germany’s craggy depth.
Mental Benefits:
The healing properties of Black Tourmaline have acquired global recognition and are linked to spiritual healing. You will be surprised to know that the stone is associated with the base chakras; the earthly roots make you feel secure while positioned upon this earth. A perfect balance of root chakras lets to experience a rush of self-confidence to believe more in oneself and speak the truth much strongly.
Physical Benefits:
Apart from the mental healing, Black Tourmaline does deliver several physical benefits for individuals searching for extra endurance. It helps in blood circulation and further reduces negative dent over lung problems, muscle aches, and metabolism issues.
Birth Stone:
Black Tourmaline is related to the birthstone, which symbolizes the darkest of nights. It is an October birthstone and is a perfect match for all Capricorns.
We house an extensive variety of Black Tourmaline ranging from Rubellite, Chrome, Paraiba, and Watermelon that are perfect for cleansing mental emotions and charge up new ways of thinking. You can make a selection for the best version of Black Tourmaline based on size, variety, and healing benefits.