Smooth Energy Flow & Freedom from Negative Environment
Ever imagined a stone with bloodstains on it? Heliotrope, or as it is popularly called the ‘Bloodstone’ is an astonishing variety of jasper that is used as an excellent healing stone. For indecisive individuals who feel low on confidence, the Bloodstone is the perfect cure for escalating intuition and strengthening creativity. You can experience its protecting and grounding influence that slowly eliminates negative energy from your life. Wearing Bloodstone ignites fresh ways of thinking and effectively discards the effect of electromagnetic & geopathic stress.
It is believed that Medieval Christians carved crucifixion scenes of martyrs into different bloodstones. This is the reason these stones are also referred to as martyr’s stone. You can easily find Bloodstone in India, being the primary regional source. However, some sources are also active across Australia, Central Europe, and the Middle East. Interestingly, the Isle of Rum in Scotland is also famous for supplying fascinating varieties of Bloodstone.
Mental Benefits:
This stone is famous for helping you stick to the present and not overthink the past or future. The presence of a bloodstone works to channelize your inner self and makes it calm. The rush of mental revitalization is beneficial to drive out the confusion and improve decision-making. According to astrologers, wearing a bloodstone reduces aggressiveness, impatience, and irritability. If you are unable to gather courage for a particular task, be it in your professional or personal life, Bloodstone is suitable to bring in ample amount of encouragement together with idealism and selflessness.
Physical Benefits:
For people who believe in gem stones’ power, possessing a bloodstone can bring in several physical benefits such as blood purification, liver detoxification, and anemia check. Bloodstone is proven to be useful for the cleansing of intestines, bladder, spleen, and kidneys.
Birth Stone:
Bloodstone is tagged as the birthstone for individuals born in the month of March. It associates itself with the zodiac signs: Aries, Libra, and Pisces. The ruling planet is Earth; therefore, courage and mental stability are maintained to the fullest.
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