For people in search of better grounding and balance in life, Hematite can be ranked as a suitable stone. The interaction of Hematite crystal with your skin brings in more calm and subtle vibrations. These stones are globally renowned for their significant grounding effect, which helps activate your root chakra.

Hematite’s name originates from the word ‘haima’ which means ‘blood’. The primary purpose of this stone is to connect humans with the magic of mother Earth. It is believed that in the past, warriors, including Romans, Greeks, and Native Americans, made sure of using Hematite tied to their bodies for keeping them safe. At present, Hematite is found majorly across Brazil, the United States, England, Venezuela, and several other places.

Mental Benefits:
The Hematite stone is rich in iron content, thereby giving you an anchored feeling once you wear it. Possessing this gemstone helps to calm a troubled mind. Your spirit will easily let go of stress, nervousness, and worry due to Hematite’s revitalizing energies. In simple terms, negative energy is kept at bay, whereas the root chakra’s stimulation brings proper alignment to all seven chakras.

Physical Benefits:
Hematite revamps and monitors the blood supply. The presence of this gemstone works in favor to aid in blood conditions, like anemia. Interestingly, if you face any kidney issue, try wearing Hematite and feel the difference. Leg cramps, insomnia, etc., can be steadily managed with Hematite being in the picture.

Since Hematite is linked to the Earth & Fire, its ruling planet is Mars. The zodiac signs that acknowledge Hematite as their birthstone are Aries and Aquarius. The stone helps to lessen addiction and overcome compulsions to the fullest.

Our collection of Hematite crystal stone is exquisite in terms of attractive shapes and sizes. You can make a pick for the perfect Hematite stone to experience soothing mental and physical healing.

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