Howlite can be characterized by its white marble-like form with threaded gray, brown, or black veins covering significant portions. These are highly effective stones that emit healing energy useful to calm your anxious self. For people who are stressed and surrounded by angry people, wearing Howlite can keep them protected. For students, Howlite is a beneficial stone as it resonates and stimulates the crown chakra to create a familiar environment.

Howlite is named after Henry How, the renowned scientist responsible for introducing this crystal out of academic consciousness in 1868. In today’s time, the primary sources of Howlite are situated in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Germany, and Turkey.

Mental Benefits:
Howlite stone is known to calm down an overact mind. According to astrologers, this calming stone amplifies awareness and patience. The person wearing Howlite experiences reduced levels of stress and escalated ambitions for a better tomorrow. The most significant benefit after wearing this stone is that you tend to emote better and understand pain and rage in a better manner.

Physical Benefits:
If you have Howlite in your possession, your body gets to experience balanced calcium levels. Your teeth and bones are well maintained with Howlite crystals using their healing powers. For people suffering from osteoporosis, wearing Howlite is recommended by famous astrologers.

Howlite is the natural birthstone for people with the zodiac Gemini. It’s the stone specific to the root chakra and crown chakra, thereby illuminating the soul of individuals born from 21st May to 21st June.
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    Reiki Healing Howlite Tumbled Gemstones for Vastu Correction and Wisdom (100 Gram)

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