Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the perfect stone that spreads the message of ‘universal love.’ This stone’s effect is to enhance trust and harmony among relationships to fill them with unconditional love. You can feel your heart experience self-love and more profound inner healing for a better tomorrow. The calming properties of Rose Quartz are acknowledged globally, thereby fueling its popularity. This attractive stone drives out negativity to protect you from environmental pollution and to replace it with loving sensations.

Like other ancient stones, Rose Quartz was beautifully crafted into gorgeous jewelry that dates back to 800 BC! You can see that this variety of bright quartz has crossed several civilizations that also included the Greeks. Most of the Rose Quartz supplied globally is produced in South Africa, India, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Mental Benefits:
Rose Quartz is also known as “The Heart Stone.” You can easily see that this stone is deeply linked to the heart chakra. Hence, the crystals help the heart receive quick healing from pain caused due to emotional difficulties. Moreover, the presence of Rose Quartz helps fulfill the need for love in the lives of people who feel less connected. You also get the encouragement to instill self-worth and self-forgiveness by wearing Rose Quartz as a ring or pendant.

Physical Benefits:
Rose Quartz balances your circulatory system to keep the heart in a good state. Also, the energies of this stone drive out impurities present in body fluids. People who complain about high blood pressure, chest pain, and lung problems are suggested to wear Rose Quartz. This stone has the power to enhance fertility and further offer protection to both the mother and the child during pregnancy.

Rose Quartz is fundamentally associated with the zodiac of Taurus. The pink shimmery quartz is regarded as a suitable match for this receptive sign. The ruling planet is Venus that delivers supreme energy to attract absolute love.
Our classic variety of Rose Quartz is quality tested and designed as per the latest styles. These healing stones hold great significance and should be bought after careful consideration.