Hematite, A Gemstone For Balancing Root Chakra: Hematite, crystallized iron ore is one of the most popular grounding stones in the world. It is known for its great calming and balancing effects on human beings and is quite useful in grounding out negative energies. 

Cleansing method: Before use, wash them with rock salt water, and dry it in the sun for 1 hour. This is to cleanse and rejuvenate the crystal by absorbing negative energies, so that you can be more positive.

Perfect Gift For Your Family and Friends On Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Birthday or New Years.Material:100% pure natural hematite stone

Natural Crystal Hematite Tumble Stone – Rounded and Polished. Weight : 50Gram (Approx.). Pack of 1 pc

Facing Issues in health?

Hematite is used as a protection stone. It keeps you grounded and give you confidence.

It is linked to root chakra, using this stone improve blood circulation.


  • Restores energy
  • Regulates blood supply
  • Treat anxiety and insomnia
  • Reduce heavy flow of menstrual period.

Guess which zodiac can use hematite?


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