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“Feng” literally translates as “wind,” and “Shui” as “water.” In Chinese culture, both wind and water are considered to be beneficial to health. The interplay between people and their surroundings is at the heart of feng shui. The feng shui Bagua mirror, also known as “pa Kua,” is among the most well-known traditional feng shui adjustment items.

The Bagua mirror normally has a frame that is five inches or more in diameter and is constructed of wood, plastic, or metal. The center of the frame is a round mirror. Although the color of the frame might vary, traditional ones typically have red for vigor and may also contain a combination of green, yellow (gold), and black.

The Pakua mirror is a spherical mirror that is used spiritually to control the outer negative energy that enters your home or place of business.

Benefits and Uses of Bagua Mirror

  • Feng Shui’s energy map is called a Bagua. The Bagua is a type of electricity grid that may be placed over a floor layout.
  • Used as a protective amulet to deflect and fend off any “poison arrows” or “sha qi.” This implies if your home is in the path of a sizable structure, such as a building corner or a steep roof line, particularly if it points towards your front door, then it should be placed in that position.
  • Powerful Bagua mirrors draw and deflect energy toward the front of your home and are used to control chi or positive energy.



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