Unique Gift Hamper – Brothe, Sister, Mom, Dad, Husband, and Special one


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Shower the love on yourself with an exclusive gift hamper from #lineology. If you truly love yourself, make a promise to shower yourself with love by renewing your energies with full force by following a ‘love-me’ ritual from Lineology. A ‘love-me’ ritual will help you enhance your energies thereby helping you attain what you truly deserve and desire. May you truly #findanswersforlife.


  1. Bathe with curated salt from Lineology to reenergize yourself for 21 days. This will help you see your feel your best self.
  2. Write your dream affirmation for 21 times each day for 21 days in Lineology’s affirmation diary. This will let the universe know what you truly desire
  3. Wear an amethyst heart pendent to strengthen emotions and allow you emotions to focus on what you truly would like to manifest – Your deepest desire
  4. Light the candle and sit in meditation for 3 mins for 21 days. Just keep chanting your affirmation like a mantra. It will ingrain the manifestation power internally and externally
  5. Enjoy a free gift worth INR 825/-

Gift Hamper contains:

Affirmation Diary
100 gm Bathing salt
10 set of Tea light candles
1 Amethyst Pendant
Gift Voucher of 825



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