Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift AAA Quality stretchable Rose Quartz Bracelet 18 g.


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Rose quartz is a gorgeous natural stone that can deliver soothing, healing energy to its wearer. The stone of unconditional love, rose quartz is known to open the heart chakra and promote healthy relationships and self-love. It’s also perfect for enhancing your personal style, as it’s available in a range of shades from pale pink to deep rose.

The presence of Rose Quartz helps fulfill the need for love in the lives of people who feel less connected. You also get the encouragement to instill self-worth and self-forgiveness by wearing Rose Quartz as a ring or pendant. Moreover, the crystals help the heart receive quick healing from pain caused due to emotional difficulties.

Rose Quartz is fundamentally associated with the zodiac of Taurus. The pink shimmery quartz is regarded as a suitable match for this receptive sign. The ruling planet is Venus that delivers supreme energy to attract absolute love.

Benefits Of Rose Quartz:

Some of the best uses for Rose Quartz. You didn’t see these benefits coming!


  • It’s known to bring love into your life.
  • Rose quartz helps heal emotional wounds.
  • It invites more compassion and care.
  • It helps heal emotional wounds and invites more compassion, love and caring into your life.


Beginner’s Guide: How To Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals

6 Steps To Cleansing Your Rose Quartz Crystal 

  • Make sure to cleanse your crystals every week!
  • Rinse your crystals in water
  • Fill a shallow dish with brown rice
  • Smudge your crystals with sage to cleanse them in smoke
  • Cleanse your crystals in salt
  • Bury rose quartz crystals in your garden for a deep cleansing.
  • Warm your crystal in your hands for a quick activation
  • Leave your rose quartz outside in a storm to absorb more energy
  • Charge your rose quartz in moonlight for an overnight charge


Are you having trouble Purifying your rose quartz crystal? Follow these Six steps to help you connect better with it.


  • Activate your crystals to get more spiritual energy
  • Use an altar and surround yourself with candles
  • You can make an altar with a small shelf, table, and candles
  • Sit in the dark and talk about positive things you want



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