The most brilliant of all dark stones is black rutile quartz, which also holds the top spot for having the greatest potential for light strength in a black tint. Black being a hue connected to the first chakra, stimulate and purify this energy center. Black rutilated quartz, also known as morione or smoked, is one of the most potent crystals to be utilized in therapeutic crystal treatments.

A potent stone for depression or any type of life trauma is black rutile quartz, helps you face problems while introducing new lifestyle options.

Rutile quartz crystal is a modern birthstone for persons born in the month of April and has energies that connect well with Leo, Taurus, and Gemini.

Product Details:

A black rutile silver bracelet weighing 14.4 carats. The black rutile stone is mesmerising a style segment for you plus a potent stone to ward off stress and depression.

Gemstone: Quartz

Colour: Black

Origin: Brazil

Shape: Oval

Weight: 14.4 carats

Stone weight: 2.88g

Silver Weight: 14.12g

Birthstone: Taurus

Benefits of Black Rutile:

Black rutile quartz is a perfect illustration of the capacity to swell with light while existing in a material form. Physically and intellectually, rutile is recognised to have a variety of advantages.

  • attracts the root chakras with the force of love produced by the heart chakra.
  • encourages us to take on the challenge and duty of improving the standard of both human life and life on Earth.
  • Black Rutile can lead to a drastic change in behaviour since it cancels out some of the negative traits of the lesser egocentric nature and replaces them with habits.
  • teaches us how to give up what is no longer required for our revolution and encourages us to integrate more in life.
  • helps gain more substantial energy to the body.
  • draws the generating force of love to the heart and charka’s root.
  • increases your energetic field while bringing tranquilly and clarity.

How to clean the rutile bracelet?

Rutilated quartz should be well cleaned with warm, soapy water before being briefly charged in moonlight or sunlight. Household cleansers and scents do not appeal to it.

  • admires the sun
  • No fragrances or chemicals
  • Utilize warm, soapy water to clean.



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