Black Spinal Round Shape Bracelet (12.15 Gram)


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The octahedron-shaped crystal that characterises spinel is a member of the cubic crystal system. Spinel, which is found in alluvial deposits like ruby and has a Mohs hardness rating of 8, is a long-lasting gem used in jewellery because of its good durability.

Spinel can be found in Sri Lanka, in the Badakshan Province’s limestones in contemporary Afghanistan and Tajikistan, in Mogok in Myanmar, and in the country’s limestones.

Due to the crystal structure of spinel, the name “spinel” is derived from the Latin word spina, which means “thorn.”

It is the birthstone for August and comes in a wide range of hues, including bright red, vivid pink, orange, purple, violet, blue, and bluish green.

Product Details:

Classic round spinal stone silver bracelet. Strong black spinal dazzling stones are alternatively held in a special prong setting, creating a captivating contrast. The bracelet has a traditional design with a unique edge.

Gemstone: Spinel

Shape: Round

Colour: Black

Origin: Myanmar

Weight: 12.33 carats

Stone Weight: 2.46g

Silver Weight: 12.15g

Birthstone: August

Benefits of Spinal Bracelet:

Spinal given that the root Chakra is connected to spinel, it has the power to boost physical vigour and endurance. Besides,

  • Helps improved social status of a native’s life.
  • Helps elevate one’s financial condition along with maintaining the luxurious life style.
  • Helps by reorienting the wearer’s emotional intelligence, which boosts self-confidence.
  • Helps restore vitality, blood circulation and eyesight.
  • Aids in eschewing ego and fostering devotion to the other person.
  • Spinal is associated with the heart chakra hence, making it effective in increasing one’s energy and stamina.

How to Clean the Spinal Bracelet?

Spinel may always be cleaned with warm, soapy water. Spinel may undergo heat treatment that changes the colour. Under typical wearing circumstances, the therapy remains stable. Spinel may be fracture-filled, like any transparent gemstone, to increase its apparent clarity.


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