The energy of this tournamile tower quartz crystal wand will dispel depression, irrational fears, and other stress-related issues from your life. The natural properties of quartz crystals make this wand one of the most popular and effective crystal healing tools for energy work, physical healing, and spirituality. If you want to remove negative energies from your home or office, place a bunch of these wands in different places.


Black Tourmaline is a stone that helps to protect us from negative situations and energies. It acts like Velcro for negative energy, helping it to simply glide over our aura and out of our space.


Crystal wands are an important magical tool. Crystal wands have a shape conducive to containing and focusing energy of all kinds, including the energies of healing. Metaphysical healers use crystal wands in a variety of different ways, most often during practices such as Reiki.


This product is made from natural materials. Due to the nature and variation of this product, each item is unique. The size, shape, color and weight may vary from piece to piece.


The black tournamile tower is good for desks or offices due to their ability to aid in focus and concentration. Its size allows it to be very useful in a wide variety of situations and settings. The tower fits on any standard sized desk which means that it can be used practically anywhere.


PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Material: Gemstone, Color: Black and Transparent, (H) 4-6 Inch Weight: 160-180 Grams


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