Blue Sapphire Silver Ring(3.01Gram)


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The astrological gemstone Blue Sapphire, also called Neelam in Hindi, is a valuable blue stone that is linked to the Saturn (shani) planet. It (Nilam) is regarded as the most potent stone and promotes money, prosperity in business, mental acuity, and self-assurance.

The gemstone associated with September is the sapphire, which has been prized for many centuries.

Wearing the Blue Sapphire offers defense against robbery, terror, accidents, and issues brought on by calamities induced by nature, such as storms, fire, etc. Consequently, blue sapphire functions as a shield to keep the wearer safe from any threats.

Blue Sapphire was first found in Ratnapura in SriLanka.

Product Details:

Oval Blue Sapphire Ring intricately designed and partly studded with diamonds. The gorgeous blue magnificent claw-set sapphire gemstones are striking in their spectacular blue hues.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Colour: Blue

Shape: Oval

Origin: Sri Lanka

Weight: 1.3 carats

Stone Weight: 0.26g

Silver Weight: 3.01g

Benefits of Blue Sapphire stone:

Ruled by the planet Saturn, its divine aura exudes a majestic charm that has the power to mitigate the malevolent effects of the Buri nazar or “Evil Eye” on the wearer. This makes blue sapphire a delicate gemstone as the influence of Saturn can change or destroy a person’s life.

  • Blue sapphire has the ability to open chakras. every chakra incorporates a specific colour and frequency that resonates and amplifies the power of that specific chakra.
  • evokes and stimulates the important chakras to push healing at the core of its body.
  • it connects one with their pineal eye and helps the user with the flow of their thoughts, ideas, and perceptions.
  • delivers instant relief to chronic issues like headaches, nosebleeds, and fevers.
  • provides a positive financial boost.
  • increases concentration and focus.
  • calms the senses and aids in developing self-control.

Caring the Blue Sapphire:

Avoid soaking the stone; instead, use warm, soapy water and a gentle brush to clean your sapphire jewellery. Never clean your jewellery with solvents like alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner, and never use harsh detergents.


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