Garnet is a gleaming stone that is one of the most popular jewels on the market. Garnet stone comes in a wide range of shapes and colours due to its widespread availability. The majority of these stones are currently mined in the United States, India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil, but they have previously been mined on practically every continent.

This diamond is generally associated with life energy, blood, heart, and inner fire, and is a symbol of love. The heart chakra is related with red garnet stones. It’s more powerful than other stones associated with love. People looking to attract love should definitely wear this stone.

Garnet is a January birthstone.

Product Details:

A natural red Bolo garnet bracelet weighing 3.5 carats.

Gemstone: Garnet

Shape: Oval Cut

Color: Red

Composition: Natural

Origin: Sri Lanka

Weight: 3.5 carats

Stone Weight: 0.70 g

Silver Weight: 4.5 g

Birthstone: January

Benefits of wearing the Bolo Garnet Bracelet:

Garnet benefits are innumerable. Wearing this stone will help people who have poor energy levels. The gem can help you practise manifestation by attracting wonderful things into your life. If you want to create a change in your life, the garnet stone can help you make it happen.

  • Garnet brings good fortune in all areas of life and encourages self-love. This will help you live a happy, balanced life.
  • It’s a potent source of energy. Garnet balances, defends, and strengthens the body.
  • Garnet awakens and balances the Root Chakra, cleanses the blood, and maintains cardiovascular health.
  • It strengthens the spleen and lungs, as well as healing spine problems.
  • Garnet is known as the gemstone of concentration, enlightenment, and creativity. The stone’s soothing vibrations will assist you in achieving your goals, boosting motivation, preventing irritation and rage, and rejecting negative thoughts.

Caring the Bolo bracelet :

This item is rhodium electroplated or has an e-coating finish. With repeated usage, these finishes may fade. Topaz may be subjected to enhancement methods or treatments like as heating, irradiation, and diffusion, which are temporary and may necessitate careful care. Avoid chemicals, harsh light, heat, and ultrasonic cleaning by gently rinsing with warm water and drying with a soft towel.


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