Candle Healing – 1 Session


Color Candle Therapy is a wonderful and effective combination of two healing energies. The color of the candle helps to empower the intention behind the  healing, and the fire from the candles helps to seal the healing for more lasting effects.

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Do you wish your life had more balance and harmony? The advantages of using therapeutic candles are the best solution. It’s important to return home to a pleasant atmosphere.

A metaphysically-based blend of light and aromatherapy. Candle therapy is seen as a naturopathic treatment/philosophy that dates back hundreds or even thousands of years in any instance.


  • Focus, while meditating. Choose right aroma, it helps complement the type of meditation you are practicing when using an aromatherapy candle.
  • Helps you re-energies. Boost memory, relieves headaches and indigestion.
  • Soothe anxiousness, promote optimism, confidence, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Helps unlock blocked emotions and relationships.

Different Uses of Candle Therapy:

Candle therapy is used by a wide variety of people from all walks of life and comes in many different forms. Candle treatment is a common technique used in eastern mysticism along with meditation to strengthen and cure the chakras. Then there are individuals who dabble in metaphysical practices and turn to candle therapy to make changes or receive benefits in their life.

Candle therapy, though everyone agrees it is a practise that influences healing and wholeness, ultimately has diverse meanings for different people.


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