In order to promote chakra strengthening or healing, candle treatment is utilised in conjunction with colour therapy. Using two healing energies together, colour candle therapy is a fantastic and powerful technique. The healing is strengthened by the colour of the candle and sealed for longer-lasting effects by the fire from the candles.


Candle therapy is regarded as an ancient, perhaps even ancient, naturopathic treatment or philosophy.

  • Helps in protection against physical attacks, physical harm and removes fear.
  • Helps one feel relax and calm, strengthened the mind body and spirit.
  • Therapy Candles helps unlock blocked emotions and relationships.
  • Helps in visualization and meditation.

Different uses of Candle Therapy

Candle therapy can be applied in a variety of techniques, including meditation, Reiki, chakra balancing, energy healing, and many others, with the goal of purifying and strengthening the body, mind, and soul.

Additionally, there is candle aromatherapy, which is frequently combined with light and sound for a well-rounded and balanced impact.


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