Emerald is the May birthstone. It is a well-known and well-liked iconic gemstone that’s been used in jewellery for centuries. Emerald is know as the “stone of infinite patience” and successful love.

Emeralds was found near the red sea in Egypt. In the Vedas emeralds are believed to bring good luck and enhanced the well being.

Astrologers recommend to wear emeralds close to the heart to attract love (especially for older women) or openly to restore a relationship. It also makes a good engagement rings.

Product Details:

A greenish silver ring emerald in round shape.

Gemstone: Emerald

Colour: Greenish

Shape: Round

Composition: Natural

Origin: Brazil

Weight: 1 carat

Stone Weight: 0.2 g

Silver Weight: 4.95 g

Birthstone: May

Benefits of Emerald Stone:

In addition to being the most stunning engagement ring. Emerald is thought to have various healing abilities. Emerald is believed to have qualities of planet Mercury.

  • Known as the stone of successful love, it promotes domestic bliss, devotion and unconditional love and partnership.
  • Wearing emerald increases a person’s intellectual capacity as well as it improves a person’s reasoning and arithmetic skills.
  • If your child is weak in studies, making him wear emerald stone can be magical stone for him.
  • It also aids those who lack the ability to make decisions and who are unable to remain solid and commit to a single scenario or decision in life.
  • Emerald has many healing abilities. It should be worn by people suffering from allergies, respiratory ailments, skin issues and nervous disorders.
  • It is also beneficial for people who have difficulty in speaking or stammers when expressing themselves.

How to care the Emerald stone?

Use warm soapy water or soft towels to clean the emerald stone. Avoid soaking the emeralds at soapy water an distant from the use of powerful detergents because it can dilute or eliminate the stone’s oils. Alcohol, acetone or paint thinner should never be used to soak emeralds.


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