Emerald (Panna Stone), a stone from the Beryl mineral family with a green hue, is extremely valuable. Emerald is derived from the Greek word ‘Smaragdos’ which means green gemstone.

One of the most renowned gemstones in Vedic astrology, it is worn to promote success in business and employment, as well as in creative and intellectual endeavors and knowledge-seeking endeavors.

Majority of emerald today is discovered in Zambia and Columbia.

Emerald is the birthstone for May.

Product Details:

Round shape emerald silver ring looks quite elegant and refined. The glimmering green emerald are mounted in a prong setting and offer a timeless look.

Gemstone: Emerald

Shape: Round


Weight: 0.03 carat

Stone Weight: 0.06g

Silver Weight: 1.22g

Birthstone: May

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

The gemstone emerald is known as the “Stone of Prosperity.” The gemstone emerald is thought to represent Mercury and has properties associated with it. It represents development and perseverance.

  • Aids in treating allergies, neurological system diseases, respiratory conditions, and speech-related concerns.
  • Sharpen people’s minds and improve their capacity for accurate interpretation.
  • Increase focus and concentration.
  • The warm and tenderness in your romantic life can be revived with the aid of an emerald stone that is a lover’s and partners’ expert.
  • The warmth and affection in your romantic life will be helped to return by an emerald stone that is knowledgeable about love and relationships.
  • Pregnant women who wear panna stones get quick and painless deliveries instead of prolonged labor pain.

How to Care the emerald ring?

Emerald jewelry should be cleaned with warm, soapy water or a warm, soapy cloth. Avoid soaking emeralds in soapy water and using abrasive detergents that could wash away or dilute the stone’s natural oils.



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