Our 7 chakra stones are each associated with one of the seven psychic points, where energy can enter your body and mind. Placing these hard stones on each of your chakras and focusing your thoughts through meditation 

Brand new REIKI ENGRAVED CHAKRA STONE Symbols engraved on stones help in healing, balancing, and self  growth. This is a meaningful gift of positivity to self and others.

In this set there are 7 CHAKRA stones. Stones included Amethyst, Black tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Sunstone and Red Jasper. Perfect for Reiki Practitioners and Collectors alike.

Size of Palm Stones- Approx. 3.5 cm X 3 cm


The Healing Benefits of Super Seven: a natural remedy against anxiety, stress, fear and depression:

  •  Palm stones are used for relaxation, energy boost, protection, and meditation.
  • Strengthens heart and allows energy to flow through heart chakra
  • Use them for many purposes, including relaxation, energy boost, protection, and meditation.
  • Hold a palm stone in your hand for ultimate relaxation -perfect for reducing anxiety and crankiness
  • Palm stone might relieve pain and stress
  • Protects you, releases negative emotions and past patterns, purifies your soul
  • Helps you reach a place of clarity, focus, creativity, and positivity
  • Super Seven aligns your chakras and energetic bodies
  • Brings you back to a state of balance
  • Super Seven helps you achieve mental & spiritual balance


Captions: How to recharge Seven Palm stone

✔-Hold it in your hand

✔-Connect your energy with the stone’s

✔-Tune into the crystal and feel its energy

 ✔- help you to reconnect with your inner spiritual chakra energies.



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